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New Android apps worth downloading: Quizlet, update, SimpleRockets

by Andrew Koziara

If today’s apps had a theme, I’d say it’s intelligence and elegance. From a fantastic app to help you study and learn just about any topic like Quizlet, to one of the most elegant to-do list productivity apps on the market, like the one from, and finally a puzzle game that is both smart and elegant which gives you a lot of freedom and expression like SimpleRockets. Stay smart and on-track with today’s fresh apps!

Quizlet (Free)

What’s it about? If you want to be able to study anytime, anywhere, without lugging around books and making flash cards, you need Quizlet.Quizlet1

What’s cool? This is one of the ultimate options in studying on your smart phone or tablet. Whether you’re preparing for an exam, memorizing statistics for a meeting, or just trying to better yourself in general, it’s hard to beat, and now it’s on Google Play. With a few different modes, including some that make studying into a kind of game, over 18 different languages supported in audio, and the ability to search for millions of study tests, plus a great, easy to use interface, Quizlet is one of the only studying apps you’ll need.

Who’s it for? Students, business executives, and the modern Renaissance man.

What’s it like? Other solid study apps include STUDYBLUE Flashcards and the Encore Study Platform. To-do List & Task List update (Free)

What’s it about? The primary app from, To-do List & Task List is an elegant one stop shop for making notes and lists, or setting task reminders.AnyDo1

What’s cool? The main draw of is its ability to sync with the cloud, letting you keep your schedule straight across multiple devices. That ability has gotten even stronger with the latest update. Not only does the mobile app now sync with the official new Chrome browser version of the app, letting you manage your life from the office and on the go, it’s also added the ability to use Google Now for reminders, and even Google Glass support. This was already a super elegant and functional app, with great features like word to text conversion, and now it’s been made even stronger than before.

Who’s it for? Anyone and everyone, really. But mostly people who need help keeping their daily life in order.

What’s it like? Tasks and ColorNote Notepad Notes are two apps that also let you easily set reminders and make lists.


SimpleRockets ($0.99)

What’s it about? A creative, expressive, and smart new game that lets you build your own space fairing contraptions before exploring the galaxy.SimpleRockets1

What’s cool? I knew the moment I saw that this was a follow up to SimplePhysics from Jundroo that it would be a one in a million game. Few other developers focus so much on unique, intelligent puzzle games like these. There are a lot, but they pale in comparison to all the dev’s making brainless runners. Building rocket ships and rovers from a wide variety of engines, fuel tanks, and other parts, it’s up to you to explore the galaxy freely or take on special challenges for speed, distance, etc. The orbital physics at play here are shockingly realistic too. Definitely don’t skip this gem.

Who’s it for? Puzzle game enthusiasts. People who like to build things creatively.

What’s it like? Honestly, just check out Jundroo’s other games, like SimplePhysics and Dummy Defense.

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