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New Android apps worth downloading: AppGratis, SC Blacklist: Spider-Bot, He-Man: The Most Powerful Game

by Andrew Koziara

If you enjoy getting free stuff… Let me reword that. Since you enjoy getting free stuff, you should definitely check out AppGratis, a new app for finding great Google Play deals. We've also got two kinds of violence on offer. One is the sneaky, stealth and infiltration type, in SC Blacklist: Spider-Bot, and the other is the screaming and charging evil minions with a massive sword variety, in He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe

AppGratis (Free)

What’s it about? AppGratis is one of the biggest apps around for helping you get apps at huge discounts, or even totally free!AppGratis1

What’s cool? After a good run on iOS, AppGratis from iMediapp is now on Android. The AppGratis developers work tirelessly to either find or arrange for big sales and giveaways with other developers. The selection isn't always the very best, but you can usually find some pretty great apps at really low costs. The apps are hand-picked and tested, and every day, one, and only one push notification will be sent to every AppGratis user to tell them about the deals of that day. It's free, and it might get you more stuff for free. What's the harm?

Who’s it for? Anyone who likes shopping around for good deals, The frugal.

What’s it like? Other apps that let you track apps and look for deals include Hubbl and AppBrain App Market


SC Blacklist: Spider-Bot (Free)

What’s it about? An official tie-in game to the brand new Splinter Cell: Blacklist, you get to play a fun stealth game as Sam Fisher's most advanced gadget.

What’s cool? Playing as various robots, including the Spider-Bot, Stealth-Bot, and Strike-Bot, it'll be up to you to sneak past Blacklist scientists, guards, and security systems, taking out their high profile targets, and gathering intel. As an official companion app to the console and PC release, you can unlock various exclusive items, and even build up your bank account ahead of time, giving you a head-start in the main game.SCBlacklist1 It's essentially a collection of mini-games, but for free, it's nice. Unfortunately, the tech support of this game is severely lacking. It is incompatible with tons of devices, with bugs and crashing issues out the wazoo. If it works on your device though, check it out.

Who’s it for? People who like stealth games. Splinter Cell fans who will be playing Blacklist.

What’s it like? Dynamite Jack and Robbery Bob are two other great stealth games.


He-Man: The Most Powerful Game ($0.99)

What’s it about? Put yourself in the large boots (and not much other clothing) of He-Man, fighting through the forces of the evil Skeletor.

What’s cool? This is the ultimate game for anyone even remotely nostalgic about He-Man. It isn't really a great game, but it does so much right. The cartoon style nails the feel of the eighties cartoon while updating it to a modern look. There are loads of locations and references, and even unlockable side characters. The combat is really basic and simple, but there are a lot of moves to unlock, plus some bigHeManMostPowerfulGame1time boss fights. The game has its problems, but frankly I'm shocked it even exists, but Matel and Chillingo have made it so. You can download it right now. You have the power.

Who’s it for? Fans of simple hack and slash games, eighties cartoons, and burly heroes with big swords.

What’s it like? Super Action Hero from Com2Us also lets you customize your combos. You can also check out Spell Sword.

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