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New Android apps worth downloading: TripCase Travel Alerts, iNetRadio, Mecho Wars

by Phil Hornshaw

Planning a trip? You might want to check out today’s first app worth downloading, TripCase Travel Alerts. It lets you stay organized in your travels by saving your travel itinerary information to the app, which can then provide you with additional information and alerts. Up next is iNetRadio, a robust Internet radio app with lots of kinds of stations on offer. And last but not least, turn-based strategy Mecho Wars provides players with a fix of grid-based warfare set in a fantasy world.

TripCase Travel Alerts (Free)

TripCase Travel AlertsWhat’s it about? Save your travel itineraries and keep informed of all your travel information with TripCase.

What’s cool? Combine your travel bookings and save your travel itineraries in TripCase Travel Alerts, and the app will help you out by keeping you organized and alerted to everything you need to know as you venture away from home. You can include all the information you need to know for a trip, like bookings for flights, rental cars and hotels, and use TripCase to share some or all of your plans with friends and family. The app also brings users helpful travel information, like weather, driving directions and alternative flight options

Who’s it for? Travelers, TripCase is a handy way to keep organized and manage all the information you need when you leave home.

What’s it like? Try Kayak and TripAdvisor for two more useful travel apps that can take the pain out of travel prep.


iNetRadio (Free)

iNetRadioWhat’s it about? Find all kinds of Internet radio programming with iNetRadio, and stream it to your Android devices over an Internet connection to listen wherever you are.

What’s cool? No matter what kind of music and radio programming you’re into, iNetRadio has an option you’ll like. The streaming Internet radio app allows users to search through its various categories to find exactly what they want to listen to, be it music, news, sports and more. Each of the categories is littered with subgroups that make finding exactly what you want to hear easier, and you can also identify actual radio stations that you can stream on your Android device. You can also add podcasts to iNetRadio’s repertoire by finding the RSS feeds for them.

Who’s it for? If you like streaming radio to your Android device, iNetRadio offers a ton of options.

What’s it like? You might also want to check out Pandora and Spotify for more streaming radio capabilities.

Mecho Wars ($1.99)

Mecho WarsWhat’s it about? Take part in a war that’s gripping a fantasy world in turn-based strategy game Mecho Wars.

What’s cool? The Landians and the Winged Crusade are engaged in a bloody conflict in Mecho Wars, and it’s your job to choose a side and command its forces to victory. Each stage of the game sees players choosing units to take into battle on grid-based levels, where they’ll take turns with opponents in dealing out orders to their armies. You can play as either side and try out their various units in Mecho Wars’ pair of single-player campaign modes, or take the fight online and engage other players if you’d rather see some more realistic competition.

Who’s it for? Fans of turn-based strategy games should check out Mecho Wars fantasy take on the material.

What’s it like? You might also enjoy strategy games Worms 2: Armageddon and Great Big War Game.

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