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New Android apps worth downloading: Yelp update, Gigwalk, Castle Clash

by Phil Hornshaw

Find more information about businesses near you than ever with today’s first app worth downloading, the updated Yelp. The app now brings users lists of great businesses in their areas, as well as things to do near them as well. Up next is Gigwalk, an app that pays users for completing small tasks in their area like snapping photos or gathering information. Finally, there’s Castle Clash, a real-time strategy game in which players raise armies and battle through levels, or take on one another in a multiplayer arena.

Yelp update (Free)

YelpWhat’s it about? Find information about lots of different businesses and get user ratings, or leave some of your own, with Yelp.

What’s cool? Nobody wants to head to a lousy business, which is why Yelp is a great app to have in your Android device. It’s filled with information about businesses in your area, allowing you to quickly find out where things are located, what services they offer, what the prices are like and more. Even better, though, is the ability to see user reviews that give you an idea of the quality of everything from restaurants to auto mechanics, and you can also leave your own reviews and ratings to help other users find the best businesses to patronize. The newest update to Yelp allows you to order food through the app, makes it easier to find great local businesses with its “Nearby” page, and shows you popular events happening in your area to help you find things to do.

Who’s it for? There’s just about nobody who couldn’t benefit from the information available in Yelp.

What’s it like? You can also get business information and suggestions from YP Local Search & Gas Price and Poynt.

Gigwalk (Free)

GigwalkWhat’s it about? Gigwalk lets you turn your phone into a way to earn a little extra money by making small, quick tasks that are found in your area available to users.

What’s cool? In any given area or neighborhood, there’s information on the ground that business will pay for. Gigwalk turns your device into a search engine for nearby gigs that can earn you a few bucks while you’re just hanging out in your neighborhood. The gigs include things like taking pictures to buildings, checking out the menus of local restaurants, and determining whether certain businesses have closed. The app handles assigning users their gigs and payments for completed jobs, and your gigs might range from as little as $6 to as much as $220.

Who’s it for? If you could use a little extra money for completing easy tasks in your area, check out Gigwalk.

What’s it like? Find more work with Craigslist Mobile and Monster Job Search.

Castle Clash (Free)

Castle ClashWhat’s it about? Strategy title Castle Clash requires players to build a powerful base, while also sending their forces to dungeons to clear out enemy forces.

What’s cool? Taking over the world is your ultimate goal in Castle Clash, but you’ll have to use smart strategy to do it. First, you’ll need to build a powerful fortress that can repel attacks and be used to raise a strong army; then, you dispatch your forces into different levels to fight enemies and destroy their strongholds. You’ll also augment your forces by hiring powerful heroes to fight for you, of which there are 20 different varieties. Castle Clash also features a multiplayer arena where players can do battle with one another, and a full single-player campaign, as well.

Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of real-time strategy games, check out Castle Clash’s take on the genre.

What’s it like? You should also check out Greed for Glory and Epic Defense 2 for more strategic gameplay.

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