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New Android apps worth downloading: Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Football and Cartoon Network Video updates, Ending

by Phil Hornshaw

Gearing up for the fantasy football season? You're going to want to grab the updated version of today's first App Worth Downloading, Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Football. The app ties you in to everything fantasy football-related and lets you track your team, and just got an update with a revamped user interface. We've also got Cartoon Network Video, which allows cable subscribers to watch Cartoon Network shows and has just been optimized for tablets, and Ending, a chess-like, minimalist puzzle-action game in which players have to avoid death across 60 dungeon levels.

Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Football update (Free)

Yahoo! Fantasy Sports FootballWhat’s it about? Get everything you need for a killer fantasy football season with Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Football, which has just gotten a redesign for the 2013 season.

What’s cool? Taking part in fantasy football each year requires having a lot of information and being very much tapped in to everything that's happening on the football scene, which is why Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Football is a valuable resource. The app ties directly into Yahoo!'s fantasy football infrastructure, so you can access all your league information, as well as compare player info, create mock and live drafts, and follow your team in real time. You also get to see breaking player news and matchups for upcoming weeks, and have the ability to manage your roster from wherever you are. Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Football just got a big update for the 2013 season, with a new user interface and the ability to draft your team from your Android device.

Who’s it for? If you're a fantasy football fan, and especially if you're using Yahoo!'s fantasy football setup on the web, you'll want the mobile app to go with it.

What’s it like? You can find some fantasy football alternatives in ESPN Fantasy Football and Fantasy Football 2013.

Cartoon Network Video update (Free)

Cartoon Network VideoWhat’s it about? Cartoon Network Video gives users the ability to watch full Cartoon Network episodes on their Android devices by streaming them over an Internet connection.

What’s cool? Cartoon Network has some great programming for cable subscribers, and Cartoon Network Video brings lots of that programming to you on your mobile devices as well as your TV. The app includes a number of full shows users can stream on their devices, whether over a Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection. You'll need to be a cable subscriber to access the shows, and once you're set up, you'll be able to watch Cartoon Network live, view shows the day after they air, and find shows available for longer than they are through on-demand services. The app's latest update optimizes it for 10-inch and 7-inch tablets.

Who’s it for? Fans of Cartoon Network who want more access to its shows should grab this one – provided you have a compatible cable subscription.

What’s it like? Stream more great shows and movies with HBO Go and Crackle.

Ending ($0.99)

EndingWhat’s it about? Puzzler Ending is a game with some rogue-like elements, in which players move around a grid in turn-based action and try to explore and stay alive.

What’s cool? “Rogue-like” titles tend to share a certain set of characteristics. They generally feature tough difficulty, permanent death that results in players having to start over from scratch, and turn-based play as players make their way around levels built on grids. Ending has all those elements but is more of a puzzle title. You control an @ symbol in each of the game's 60 dungeons, and your goal is to stay alive as you try to get to an E symbol that represents the dungeon's exit. You have to move on each turn, so you'll spend a lot of time anticipating and avoiding enemies that work their way toward you in an attempt to destroy you. Ending also limits the number of moves you can make in a given dungeon, so planning your route and strategizing ahead of time is key.

Who’s it for? Players who enjoy puzzlers with elements of games like chess should try their hands at Ending.

What’s it like? Of course, if you like Ending's chess-like qualities, you should grab Chess, and you can get some serious rogue-like action out of Dungelot.

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