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New Android apps worth downloading: Popup Widget, Hightail, Song Rush

by Phil Hornshaw

Keep your Android device’s Home screen clean with today’s first app worth downloading. It’s called Popup Widget, and it allows you to turn all those useful but clutter-inducing Android widgets into shortcuts that you can then minimize. We’ve also got Hightail, which was formerly known as YouSendIt, which provides users the ability to upload and share files, even huge ones, over the Internet. Finally, Song Rush is an endless runner that uses the music you’ve got on your Android device to create dynamic levels to challenge you.

Popup Widget ($1.39)

Popup WidgetWhat’s it about? Create shortcuts to your Android device’s widgets using Popup Widget, allowing you to de-clutter your Home screen, with some other benefits as well.

What’s cool? Widgets are a great part of the Android ecosystem, but they’re often kind of ugly, or at least obtrusive. Having lots of widgets can crowd up your screen and make navigating difficult and less intuitive, which is the problem that Popup Widget seeks to solve. Instead of having every widget load up on your screen when you start your device, Popup Widget allows you to create shortcuts to your widgets. It saves on resources for your phone and keeps your screen a bit clearer, while maintaining the quick access that makes widgets so useful.

Who’s it for? Anyone looking for a cleaner Android experience, quicker startup and less widget clutter should check out Popup Widget.

What’s it like? Take more control of how your Android’s user interface looks with iOS 7 iPhone Control Center and Easy Controller Control Center.

Hightail (Free)

HightailWhat’s it about? Formerly YouSendIt, the official app of Hightail allows users to send large files to one another over the Internet, along with multiple folders and photos.

What’s cool? YouSendIt has gotten a huge overhaul with its change to its new name, Hightail, and that includes its Android app, as well. The Hightail app has a completely new user interface design, making it easy to navigate through your files and folders and to send them to others. The service is all about bulk transfers, making it easy to host and send big files like videos, folders, photos and more. You can upload files from your Android device, share them through the app, and even use Hightail to sign documents.

Who’s it for? If you need to send and receive large files over the Internet, grab Hightail. Just be aware that you’ll need to pay for the subscription service.

What’s it like? Dropbox is a potential alternative for saving and storing files in the cloud (and sharing them), while DocuSign can provide document signing capabilities from your Android device.

Song Rush (Free)

Song RushWhat’s it about? Endless running title Song Rush lets you play against your own music, setting the tone of each of the game’s levels with tracks on your Android device.

What’s cool? Some of the coolest running titles out in the Google Play Store today don’t just challenge players to dodge obstacles as a character runs and runs. They make the experience a little deeper by making visuals and music a bigger part of the action. Song Rush is a game that takes that idea even further – it lets you pipe your own music in to the game to define what you’re hearing as you play through. But the track you choose to make the background song of your experience has a bigger effect: Song Rush uses your music to create levels to match on the fly, so every time through is different. You can square off against your music to see just how far you can get, and you can also challenge friends to weekly tournaments.

Who’s it for? Fans of endless runners with a musical twist should have a great time with Song Rush.

What’s it like? Other great endless runners that music to phenomenal effect include Bobbing and Polara.

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