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New Android apps worth downloading: Skype and Sliding Messaging updates, Quell Memento

by Phil Hornshaw

Make contact with friends, family or whoever with today's first two apps worth downloading, a pair of handy messaging apps that have just received big updates. Up first is video calling app Skype, which has a new redesign and lots of new features to go with group calls, voice calling and the rest. Second is Sliding Messaging, a text replacement app that has just come out of beta and upgrades your SMS capabilities with additional features like emoji, a custom look, and more. Finally, relax a bit over the holiday with Quell Memento, a zen puzzler about finding the fastest way through mazes.

Skype update (Free)

SkypeWhat’s it about? Make calls and send texts to other phones and mobile devices, or even computers, with Skype.

What’s cool? Voice-over-Internet app Skype is a handy communication tool that lets users make voice and video calls over an Internet connection, be it Wi-Fi or cellular. It supports group calls and group instant message chatting, and you can also use it to make low-cast calls to phones, while calls to other app users and Internet devices are free. Skype's newest update brings out a huge redesign for Android devices, and adds the ability to send unlimited free voice messages to other users, as well.

Who’s it for? If you're already a Skype user or are looking for a low-cost communication alternative, grab the Android app.

What’s it like? Also worth a try are Google Hangouts and Tango for making voice and video calls.

Sliding Messaging update (Free)

Slide MessagingWhat’s it about? An alternative to the standard SMS messaging app on Android devices, Sliding Messaging adds additional features to your standard text messaging capabilities.

What’s cool? Sliding Messaging takes your text messaging up a notch by providing lots of additional features, while keeping things organized and easy to use. You can do things like add emoji to your texts, manage your old conversations and quickly page through them, search everything you've sent to others or they've sent to you, customize your background image, create custom quick-send messages and more. Sliding Messaging's latest update brings it out of beta, fixes some bugs and adds features like SMS scheduling, pattern locking, draft message support and a whole lot more.

Who’s it for? Users hoping for some more robust, powerful text messaging capabilities should try Sliding Messaging.

What’s it like? Grab Messaging 7 and Messaging Smart Extras to further pump up your texts.

Quell Memento ($2.99)

Quell MomentoWhat’s it about? Puzzler Quell Memento tells the story of the fractured memories of a character's life as players solve mazes by carefully moving a rain drop through them.

What’s cool? The zen-like puzzles of Quell Memento are a nice break from shooting zombies and endlessly running, and the game includes some nifty mechanics that make them challenging to your brain without frustrating it. Your job in Quell Memento is to move through mazes in as few moves as possible, collecting items in order to clear each stage. You can only move horizontally or vertically, and you continue to move until you hit a wall – so the idea is to pick the right moves that will stop you in the right places for your next move. Coupled with a beautiful presentation and a story about memory, Quell Memento is a nice, relaxing set of brain-teasers.

Who’s it for? Puzzle fans, relax a bit and unlock the secrets of Quell Memento.

What’s it like? There are more great puzzles on offer in Zen Bound 2 and World of Goo.

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