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New Android apps worth downloading: Foursquare and Yahoo! Sports updates, Despicable Me: Minion Rush

by Phil Hornshaw

We've got a pair of updates leading the charge on today's apps worth downloading list. First is an update to Foursquare, the social location app, which makes its search function even more functional. Also on the list is Yahoo! Sports, which was formerly known as Sportacular and has received a big update to bring users even more sports information and news. Finally, Despicable Me: Minion Rush brings some new ideas to the runner genre to tie in with the new Despicable Me film.

Foursquare update (Free)

FoursquareWhat’s it about? Check-in app Foursquare makes a game out of visiting places, rewarding users who frequent different stores and locations with deals and allowing them to share where they've been.

What’s cool? Foursquare is best when experienced with friends. The app lets you check in to various locations like restaurants and stores, and allows you to share where you've been and see where your friends have been. You can get information and recommendations about locations from the app, as well as coupons and deals, especially for the places you frequent most often. Foursquare also allows you to share where you're going to make meeting up with friends easier. The latest update to the app makes its “Explore” feature even easier to use, allowing you to search for places near you through a variety of criteria, including distance, price and specials.

Who’s it for? Social networking fans, Foursquare lets you turn leaving your house into a connected experience that can also save you money.

What’s it like? Facebook also has a check-in system that lets you share where you are with friends, and you can get more deals through Groupon.

Yahoo! Sports update (Free)

Yahoo! SportsWhat’s it about? Get all kinds of sports news from Yahoo! Sports, which has just gotten a slick new redesign in its latest update.

What’s cool? Packed with information on all sorts of different sports comes Yahoo! Sports, which formerly was known as Sportacular. The app lets you follow your favorite teams in just about any sport you can think of, and brings live scores, statistics, news and standings from everything from the NHL to pro golf. The app pulls news links from a number of sources to help you stay connected, and with its latest update, it adds a full new redesign to make it easier to use.

Who’s it for? Sports junkies, this one's for you.

What’s it like? Check out The Score and ScoreCenter for lots more sports information.



Despicable Me: Minion Rush (Free)

Despicable Me: Minion RushWhat’s it about? Tying in with the upcoming new Despicable Me film, Minion Rush is a running title that mixes up the conventions of the genre.

What’s cool? The conceit of most games in the runner genre is that players generally spend the entire game seeing the action from a specific angle as their character runs. Minion Rush changes up the runner genre by moving the camera to a number of angles, which in many ways makes the title feel like it includes multiple games in one. You'll need to avoid enemies and obstacles as you move through the game's 3-D world, as well as try to gather bananas for your minions' benefit. You can customize costumes, and unlock bonus levels and secret areas along the way as well.

Who’s it for? Fans of Despicable Me and the runner genre should check out Minion Rush for the new things it brings to the genre.

What’s it like? Try Iron Man 3 and One Epic Knight for two more games with interesting takes on the same genre as Minion Rush.

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