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New Android apps worth downloading: Sliding Messaging update, doubleTwist with Magic Radio, Rock Stars vs. Paparazzi

by Phil Hornshaw

First up today is Sliding Messaging, a text message management app that includes lots of customization. Following is doubleTwist with Magic Radio, a music player that combines all the audio functions you need on Android. Ending today's picks is Rock Stars vs. Paparazzi, a Plants vs. Zombies-like game in which you deploy rabid fans to defend your rock stars against photographers.

Sliding Messaging update (Free)

What’s it about? Slide Messaging provides a text message management app with an easy, sleek slide-based interface.

What’s cool? As the name suggests, Sliding Messaging is based on an interface that uses sliding as one of its major control methods. You'll access menus for your text messages by sliding your finger across the screen, allowing you to quickly manage your messages, start new conversations, and reply to text messages with the help of pop-ups. The app supports features such as emoji and includes eight different themes from which you can choose, as well as handy things like quick message templates. The app just got a big layout rework with its latest update, among a few other useful bits of customization.

Who’s it for? If you're in the market for a new messaging app that you can customize a bit, try Sliding Messaging.

What’s it like? Both Smart SMS and Chomp SMS are useful alternatives to your standard text messaging apps.

doubleTwiist with Magic Radio update (Free)

What’s it about? All-in-one music player doubleTwist acts like an iPod for your Android, bringing in all the audio-playing app services you might have spread around into one place.

What’s cool? If you use your Android device to listen to a lot of different stuff, it probably means you need a lot of different apps – one for podcasts, one for Internet radio, and so on. DoubleTwist brings all those different functions into a single app, allowing you to listen to streaming radio, sync music from your computer's music library, subscribe to podcasts and a lot more. The app also just got a big update that brings it a new Holo layout, and landscape view to every screen, as well.

Who’s it for? Anybody who does a lot of audio listening with their Android devices should try using doubleTwist.

What’s it like? PlayerPro Music Player and MixZing Media Player should give users more options for playing audio.

Rock Stars vs. Paparazzi (Free)

What’s it about? Tower defense-esque title Rock Stars vs. Paparazzi has players placing forces on one side of the screen to fight off approaching photographers on the other.

What’s cool? Much like Plants vs. Zombies, Rock Stars vs. Paparazzi is a strategy game that's all about how players deploy their forces. The game gives you a stock of enamored fans for your rock star character to command, spreading them out into lanes on the screen so they can fight off the approaching photographers. Which fans you use where is key to victory, as they all have different weapons and abilities, and strengths and weaknesses against different enemies. The game includes 40 different levels to play through and 10 different fans at your disposal for defense.

Who’s it for? Rock Stars vs. Paparazzi should appeal to strategy fans looking for a light take on the genre.

What’s it like? Check out Stars vs. Paparazzi, a slightly different take on the same material, and Plants vs. Zombies, the game from which both take a lot of inspiration.

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