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New Android apps worth downloading: Glide, SideCar Ride update, Men’s Room Mayhem

by Phil Hornshaw

Make video chatting a little easier with Glide, an app that lets you to make video calls to other users. If they're not available, you can send video messages rather than texts. Following that is SlideCar Ride, an app that helps you find a nearby car and driver when you need a ride and save on taxi services. Finally, Men's Room Mayhem is a Flight Control-like management game in which you need to direct patrons around a men's room.

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Glide – Video Walkie Talkie (Free)

What’s it about? Video chatting can be cool, but it's not always convenient to get both people on the same line. Glide helps with that issue with video messages that don't necessarily have to be live.

What’s cool? Glide describes itself as a “video walkie talkie,” and that's a pretty good analogy, really. You can make live video chat calls to other users if you want to, but that's not always possible or convenient. To help, Glide gives you the ability to shoot video messages and send them, basically giving you an asynchronous video chat capability. You also don't need to save the video messages on your phone – you stream them instantly. Just keep in mind that Glide is currently in beta, which means it might still have some bugs.

Who’s it for? Anyone interested in video chatting but finds it's not always convenient should check out Glide's video messaging features.

What’s it like? Grab Skype or Viber for more video calling and messaging.

SideCar Ride update (Free)

What’s it about? SideCar is designed to help people who need a ride find someone willing to drive, making it cheaper and potentially more useful than traditional taxis.

What’s cool? You can order a taxi from your Android device, but SideCar offers a slightly different experience, matching riders with vetted drivers from the SideCar community. The result is potentially a better riding experience that would cost you less than if you booked a traditional taxi. SideCar provides a live map of where the car is that's on its way to you when you've ordered one, and it takes cash out of the equation by allowing you to conduct your transactions through the app. Its latest update improves a number of features, squashing bugs and helping you with your location data to make finding a ride easier.

Who’s it for? Users who need rides to get around and might like to save some money should try SideCar – just be sure it's supported in your city, because it's not everywhere.

What’s it like? If you'd rather get where you're going with a taxi service, Taxi Magic makes the process extremely easy.

Men's Room Mayhem ($0.99)

What’s it about? Management-slash-puzzler Men's Room Mayhem requires players to direct various men to the right urinals.

What’s cool? As men enter a restroom in Men's Room Mayhem, you need to help them get to where they need to go – and let them “unpack their liquids” – without running into other patrons of the restroom. Where you send each of the patrons is important, as well, because you'll gain a bonus for good planning and for keeping a urinal's worth of separation between two people. The game gets hectic in a hurry as more and more patrons arrive in the restroom, each with different characteristics you'll have to deal with in assigning them where to go.

Who’s it for? Fans of arcade titles that require fast reflexes and situational awareness should try Men's Room Mayhem.

What’s it like? The line-controlled directions mechanics of Men's Room Mayhem are similar to Flight Control and Air Control.

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