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New Android apps worth downloading: Whisper, LinkedIn update, Kingdom Rush

by Phil Hornshaw

Start your day with Whisper, an anonymous network similar to website Post Secret that lets you share confessions with photos and text. Second is an update to business networking service LinkedIn, which brings a new redesign to its Android offerings. Finally, there's Kingdom Rush, a tower defense game that has a ton of challenging levels.

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Whisper (Free)

What’s it about? Share confessions and secrets with others through anonymous social network Whisper, which works through the sharing of photos.

What’s cool? Whisper lets you share photos with other users much in the same way as networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. But the focus with Whisper is on secrets, and as such, the entire network is anonymous. The photos you share can be augmented with filters and you can add text to them, allowing for a more personal and visually intriguing method of sharing information with others. It shares a lot of similarities to the art project Post Secret.

Who’s it for? Social networking junkies, Whisper offers a fun and personal way to share things without having to worry about privacy as much.

What’s it like? For more confessions from strangers, check out Raw Confessions on the Go.

LinkedIn update (Free)

What’s it about? Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn aims to make it easier for colleagues and contemporaries in various businesses and fields to connect with one another.

What’s cool? The business world may well be all about networking, and LinkedIn makes that networking a great deal easier to handle. You can use the social network to post your resume and job information, and to connect with other people you've worked with and can endorse (or who can endorse you). The result is a network that gives you information about other people in your field and might even help you land a job or hire someone. The latest update to LinkedIn brings a new redesign to the app, and adds personalization features to make navigating your network easier.

Who’s it for? If you're interested in using your social networking for work purposes, try LinkedIn.

What’s it like? Twitter and Facebook can also be great for professional connections if you use them well.

Kingdom Rush ($1.99)

What’s it about? Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game that challenges players to fight off attacking enemies in a number of challenging levels.

What’s cool? If you're familiar with the tower defense genre, you'll get the gist of Kingdom Defense pretty quickly. Each level tasks players with choosing towers to fight off approaching enemies and to stop them from reaching the far side of the map. Where the game excels is in its deployment of strategy – which towers you use and how you upgrade them is key to victory against the myriad hordes of enemies, and you can use things like special magic spells and powerful heroes to turn the tides of a battle. There are also challenge modes and special levels that really ratchet up the difficulty, as well.

Who’s it for? If you like tower defense games, Kingdom Rush is a well-polished and very fun example of the genre.

What’s it like? Also worth checking out is developer Ironhide Game Studio's other title, Clash of the Olympians.

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