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New Android apps worth downloading: Airbnb, Pinterest, and Eufloria HD updates

by Phil Hornshaw

We've got three great updates to popular apps for today's haul of apps. Up first is Airbnb, an app for connecting with other users to rent space when you're traveling, which now supports Google Wallet. Pinterest is up next, allowing users to share images and videos in a very visual and clean way, and which now supports new Push notifications. Finally, there's Eufloria HD, a strategy game about growing things and exploring space, which now offers Google Play achievements.

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Airbnb update (Free)

What’s it about? Find places to stay when traveling with other users, or make your own place available for travelers to crash in, with Airbnb.

What’s cool? Airbnb is a novel way of helping you find somewhere to stay when traveling. Instead of booking hotels, it lets you find bookings in the spare rooms, apartments and houses of other users, potentially for much cheaper. The app lets you connect with people who have space to rent and facilitates the transaction, and also lets you offer your extra space for others to use. The newest update to Airbnb allows you to use Google Wallet to pay for your accommodations.

Who’s it for? If you're traveling and hoping to save some money, or have space to offer someone else to make some extra cash, try Airbnb.

What’s it like? HotelTonight is also handy for finding accommodations in a pinch, as is HostelBookers.

Pinterest update (Free)

What’s it about? Share photos and find inspirational images that with the mobile version of social network Pinterest.

What’s cool? Pinterest is a cool social network that has gained a lot of popularity through its mostly visual take on sharing. You can “pin” images and videos to your “boards,” which are basically just compendiums of items you link together in whatever way you want, whether by theme, subject, or what have you. Each of your pins can be shared with people who follow you and you can follow other users, and each also supports comments and repinning by other users. It basically lets you share images and ideas without all the other noise associated with social networks. Pinterest's latest update adds Push notifications to your pins when they receive comments and likes, and a search function, among other things.

Who’s it for? Pinterest users and social networking junkies should definitely get in on Pinterest's mobile version.

What’s it like? You'll also find interesting social sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

Eufloria HD update ($4.99)

What’s it about? Strategy title Eufloria HD is about growing seeds and taking over planets, with mellow graphics and an interesting concept.

What’s cool? Eufloria HD has players exploring space and taking over planets from opponents one at a time through careful strategy and planning. Your job is to grow plants on your planets that produce seeds that you can send to other places, but balancing how many seeds you send on the attack versus how many you keep for defense is key to success. Taking over all the planets in a given level can be tough if you're not careful with your resources. Eufloria HD's new update adds Google Play achievements and bug fixes that players have been hoping to see.

Who’s it for? If you're a fan of indie titles with interesting concepts, or you like strategy games, try Eufloria HD.

What’s it like? Osmos is an arcade title with something of a similar feel, and you can get some great strategy out of Great Big War Game.

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