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New Android apps worth downloading: Wallaby update, Numbeez, NightSky HD

by Phil Hornshaw

Get the most out of your credit cards with our first fresh app, the newly updated Wallaby. It tells you which credit cards to use in which stores to maximize your reward points, and it just got a new Android-specific user interface. Numbeez is up next, an app that makes it easy to share all the interesting numbers and statistics in your life. Finally, there's NightSky HD, a side-scrolling platformer with a beautiful art style.

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Wallaby update (Free)

What’s it about? Wallaby helps you to get the most out of your credit cards rewards and memberships by helping you figure out what cards to use when you visit a store.

What’s cool? Wallaby's big 2.0 update adds a new Android-specific user interface and tosses in integration with Foursquare, allowing Wallaby to know what store you're visiting and give you the info on what card to use automatically. It can be a pain keeping track of which credit cards will help you maximize your reward points, often leading to missed discounts and points. Wallaby helps you get around that issue by remembering which kinds of cards you carry (without giving it your specific credit card information), and letting you know when a merchant you use is running a special for a specific card, or by telling you which card will net you the most reward points at a certain store.

Who’s it for? Users who carry a lot of credit cards and want to squeeze out every reward point or discount should enlist Wallaby's help.

What’s it like? Try Better Deal for Free for figuring out more ways to save money when you shop.

Numbeez: Share Your Numbers (Free)

What’s it about? Thousands of numbers and statistics populate our lives every day, and Numbeez provides users a way to quickly and easily share them in graphical form.

What’s cool? Numbers can make a lot of mundane things sound interesting. Sure, the fact that you had a cup of coffee this morning is boring – but if you had six cups daily, how many is that per year? How many liters of coffee do you consume each week? Numbeez lets you track numbers like the personal stats that make up your life, such as miles run or weight lost, and share them with other users. Adding a number is easy: you name the story and the unit of measurement, then add a picture, and you're done. Numbeez also provides lots of cool numbers to follow from a variety of sources to give you interesting stats from around the web, and you can connect with Facebook to see friends' numbers or share through the social network.

Who’s it for? If you're a fan of statistics, Numbeez is for you.

What’s it like? Get stats on your Android device with Stats Free, and use Wolfram Alpha to access all kinds of information about the world.

NightSky HD ($4.99)

What’s it about? Platformer NightSky HD presents a beautiful silhouetted world in which you control a sentient sphere as it travels through various levels and solves puzzles.

What’s cool? In each level of NightSky, you control a glowing sphere that is on a mission to keep moving forward. Swiping your finger left or right lets you spin the sphere and get it moving, and in some puzzles, you can flip gravity and affect the world in other ways, as well. Each level has a puzzle that needs solving to get you to the next area, be it through ramping your sphere over a gap, or using vehicles to cover impassable terrain. Some levels has different rules from the rest, requiring you to deal with high-friction surfaces or other obstacles. The game includes normal and hard difficulty modes, and you'll be able to unlock additional bonus levels as you play through and search for secrets.

Who’s it for? I Fans of platformers and the silhouette art style seen in console and PC titles such as Limbo should give NightSky a try.

What’s it like? Contre Jour is another side-scroller with a similar look, as is Lad.

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