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These Twitter Android apps have character

by Larry Sullivan

Twitter is my favorite social media outlet. This is where I get my news, sports, learn about new apps, and mobile hardware, usually every hour. As Android devices and the OS have changed and developed, so have Twitter client apps. Here are four superb alternatives to Twitter's official app.

Tweetings for Twitter ($2.99)

I use Hootsuite on my computer, but Tweetings has become the default Twitter app on my Galaxy Note 2. It’s a very powerful app that is constantly updated and improved. The app has a huge set of options such as text size, display names, show times, links, and a fast scroll bar. If you are looking for an app that you can customize, then Tweetings should be at the top of your list. The app allows you to choose which options such as timeline, DMs, mentions, lists, accounts, appear on the top menu bar. You can also choose between two different themes (light and dark).

Tweetings allows for multiple Twitter accounts. The app will show both at the same time using a thin color bar to the right of the post to indicate the associated account. Another valuable option is that you can schedule tweets. The app supports posting to TwitLonger and inline expansion. You can upload images to as well as, TwitPic and yFrog. The app support Multi-window support for compatible devices (such as Galaxy Note 2). It has photo editing available as a free downloadable extension and integration as a DashClock extension.

Falcon for Twitter (Donate) ($1.99)

The most attractive feature of Falcon is the layout. The app consists of a double sliding menu, meaning the main view is your timeline. Swipe left to access your account details, such as timeline mentions, DM and retweets. Swipe to the right to get your lists, starred users, saved searches and trends.

On the main timeline screen, Falcon provides a quick summary on the number of new tweets, mentions, and messages. The app runs smoothly and is one of the most visually appealing. The app does not have a lot of options when compared to Tweetings, but enough to put your own mark on the app. You can choose the theme, text size, sync rate, and notifications. The app supports Multi-window for compatible devices (such as Galaxy Note 2). There is also an embedded YouTube player in the app. Right now the app only can handle one Twitter account at a time.

Carbon for Twitter (Free)

Carbon for Twitter is a free and simple app, which is definitely not a bad thing. Note that this app can only work on devices with Android OS Jelly Bean or higher. There are not many settings to worry about, as you can pretty much only modify notifications. The app does allow for multiple accounts, but the timeline will only display one account at a time. To switch accounts, simply swipe to the left to see the list. The menu bar on the bottom has three buttons: add tweet, account indicator, and short cut to settings, favorites, lists, search or trends.

To see you mentions and direct messages, you need to swipe right and then tilt the timeline to refresh. You can also swipe down with two fingers to power scroll. Overall, Carbon gives you a clean, easy to read Twitter app. You can tap on a tweet to retweet, quote, send, favorite, and see conversation.

Slices Pro for Twitter ($4.99)

Slices Pro for Twitter has been out for some time. Slices takes a slightly different approach to tweets; when you open the app, you are presented with your standard timeline. At the top of the screen, you can see the number of new tweets, mentions and messages. There is a button to create a new tweet and to jump to the top of the timeline. To access the settings of the app, hit the menu button. There you can modify some settings such as number of tweets to display, notifications, other services you can log into like Facebook, and add multiple Twitter accounts.

So what makes Slices so unique? It lets you browse a Twitter directory by category. When I started my app it listed sports, gaming, and local, which is definitely a neat option. Think of slices as another way to create lists. Another cool feature of Slices is that you can see your statistics such as top tweeters, your tweets, and the time of tweets. You can easily share your slices and bookmarks.