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New Android apps worth downloading: Pokémon TV, Bump update, DIE HARD

by Phil Hornshaw

If you or your kids are into the cartoon show Pokémon, we’re about to improve your Monday with Pokémon TV, today’s leading app worth downloading, which allows users to stream Pokémon straight to their Android devices. Following that is an update to info-sharing app Bump that lets you share files between your Android device and computer. Lastly we have DIE HARD, a Temple Run-style title meant to promote the new movie A Good Day to Die Hard.

Pokémon TV (Free)

What’s it about? As the name suggests, Pokémon TV enables you to stream Pokémon cartoon shows straight to your Android device, wherever you are.

What’s cool? There have been a lot of episodes of various animated versions of the video game Pokémon over the years, and Pokémon TV makes them available to users for streaming instantly over a Wi-Fi or cellular Internet connection. You can watch entire episodes of Pokémon from your device, and the app includes other content like Pokémon movie trailers and special features.

Who’s it for? For Pokémon cartoon show fans (who are mostly little kids), this app is a must.

What’s it like? For more streaming videos, TV and movies, try Crackle and Cartoon Network Video.

Bump update (Free)

What’s it about? Bump is an app for sharing contact information and files – just fill in your info, then “bump” your Android device against someone else’s to exchange phone numbers, email addresses and photos.

What’s cool? Bump simplifies the sharing process, turning it into a sort of digital handshake, by which you can exchange info with another person through their Android device. It’s not just contact information, either – Bump will also share photos and videos when you bump devices. The latest update to the app makes it possible to bump files between your smartphone or tablet and your computer, as well.

Who’s it for? If you find yourself networking a lot or just like the freedom to quickly share photos and files with other people (or computers), check out Bump.

What’s it like? There’s a similar premise behind SocialThump, although that app is geared toward sharing social media info. You can also use Sonar to find people you know from the Internet the next time you’re at a convention or similar event.

DIE HARD ($0.99)

What’s it about? Last week saw the release of A Good Day to Die Hard, and along with the movie came a game, DIE HARD, which riffs a bit on the Temple Run formula.

What’s cool? DIE HARD successfully borrows from (or maybe rips off) the Temple Run formula by putting players in an over-the-shoulder perspective of protagonist Jack McClane. Just like other runners, your goal is to keep moving while taking corners and dodging obstacles, but DIE HARD adds to the formula by putting a gun in your hand and requiring you to quickly take out enemies before they shoot you. The mixture of fast reflexes and a little bit of tactical strategy successfully helps DIE HARD feel fresh in an overcrowded genre.

Who’s it for? If you like DIE HARD, running games or shooting guys, you’ll like DIE HARD.

What’s it like? You’ll obviously see similarities between DIE HARD and Temple Run; another similar title is TheEndApp.

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