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New Android apps worth downloading: Rebtel Re:Beat, Rhapsody SongMatch, Roller Rally - Snake Pass

by Phil Hornshaw

Send a heartfelt love note for Valentine’s Day with Rebtel Re:Beat, an app that actually takes your pulse and sends it as a message to prove your love. Also, an update to Rhapsody SongMatch incorporates widgets while you identify songs, and Roller Rally – Snake Pass, a side-scrolling platformer-slash-racing game about downhill roller skating.

Rebtel Re:Beat (Free)

What’s it about? Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Rebtel Re:Beat lets you send recordings of your heartbeat to your significant other (or friends).

What’s cool? Re:Beat lets you send a love letter to someone by way of your recorded heartbeat, which the app picks up using your device’s camera. You can place your fingertip over your camera, and Re:Beat can capture your pulse – or you can tap the screen along to your pulse and transmit it that way. Once your heartbeat is recorded, Re:Beat lets you send it to a loved one, complete with a visualization and sound to go with it.

Who’s it for? Anybody looking for a unique way to say “I love you today” might want to give Re:Beat a look.

What’s it like? Try Valentine’s Day Ideas for more help with the holiday.

Rhapsody SongMatch update (Free)

What’s it about? Rhapsody SongMatch can listen to songs you hear out in the world, identify them, and instantly add them to a Rhapsody playlist.

What’s cool? SongMatch makes it really easy to listen to a song on the radio or at the mall, find out what it is, and save it for later with your Rhapsody subscription. Once you’ve nabbed the song, Rhapsody can start playback instantly. The app’s latest update adds Rhapsody widgets to your Android device’s music-playing capabilities.

Who’s it for? Music fans and subscribers to Rhapsody have no reason not to try SongMatch. There’s even a free 14-day trial.

What’s it like? SoundHound and Shazam are two music-identifying alternatives you could try.

Roller Rally – Snake Pass ($1.09)

What’s it about? Racing platformer Roller Rally has players dodge obstacles as they skate down steep hills, picking up speed and grabbing points along the way.

What’s cool? Roller Rally gives you a choice of one of four skating racers to take through its 20  levels of downhill speed-building mayhem. You’ll race against the other skaters in a side-scrolling platformer, in which speed and momentum are the keys to success. Keeping your speed up requires dodging boxes, hitting grinds and performing trips, and you’ll blast through loops and swing over gaps as you move through the levels. You can unlock additional characters and modes, like a Time Trial mode, by completing challenges in the game as well.

Who’s it for? Platformer fans, Roller Rally provides fast-paced fun and some well-built racing levels.

What’s it like? You can perform more tricks and get more speed in Bike Mania, and get some great racing action in Reckless Racing 2.

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