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New Android apps worth downloading FxGuru, Whisk, King’s Bounty: Legions

by Phil Hornshaw

Add out of this world special effects, like UFO attacks, to the videos on your Android device with today’s leading app, FxGuru: Movie FX Director. Following that, we’ve got Whisk, an app that’s full of meal recipes and allows you to order ingredients and have them delivered straight to you. Finally, there’s King’s Bounty: Legion, a strategy title that lets you play against players all over the world.

FxGuru: Movie FX Director (Free)

What’s it about? Add crazy special effects to your own videos with the help of FxGuru, which includes a number of effects that can be dropped straight into any video you have on your Android device.

What’s cool? FxGuru’s ease of use is what makes it cool. All you need is to shoot a video with your Android device (or even just have a video on your device) and open it up in FxGuru. Then you can choose from a number of different “effects” to add to the tape – including huge things like a satellite crash, a UFO attack, and more. The app presents you with your original video’s image, plus a wireframe representing the additional effects footage so you can place it in the frame where you want it. The app includes three free effects, and more are available through in-app purchases.

Who’s it for? If you like messing with your videos and adding a bit of novelty, FxGuru is for you.

What’s it like? Try Epic Movie FX and Big Bang – Movie Booth for more special effects for your videos.

Whisk (Free)

What’s it about? Whisk combines recipes you might want to cook with the ability to have the ingredients for those recipes purchased and delivered right to your door.

What’s cool? While Whisk allows you to purchase your ingredients remotely, it’s not just about buying stuff like groceries and spices. The app also is filled with recipes from different chefs, so you can browse and find meals you want to make, lock down and order the ingredients you need from the same place. The app is searchable by a number of different categories and criteria, and lets you choose the grocery stores. Of course, it helps that former star of the BBC Apprentice Nick Holzherr had a hand in setting up this app service.

Who’s it for? Whisk is for would-be chefs who need to simplify the ingredient-gathering process.

What’s it like? Dinner Spinner and Epicurious Recipe App both also offer lots of recipes and meal options.

King’s Bounty: Legions (Free)

What’s it about? Strategy title King’s Bounty: Legions lets players face off in medieval warfare with one another by commanding troops and moving them around the battlefield.

What’s cool? The battles of turn-based King’s Bounty’s take place on a hexagonal board, where you can deploy a number of different forces and position them. The game includes both player-vs.-player offerings, meaning you can take on others in the game, and player-vs.-environment quests that let you play the game alone. There’s also a lot of emphasis placed on building up your forces and helping them become even stronger and more capable in battle.

Who’s it for? Strategy and massively multiplayer online game fans, you’ll want to check out King’s Bounty.

What’s it like? Try Lords & Knights and Medieval Empires for more sword-clashing strategy games.

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