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These e-book reader Android apps are page turners

by Larry Sullivan

We're very busy adults, and finding time to read can be very difficult if your daily commute doesn't include a train or subway ride. Fear not! Your trusty Android devices can help!. Here’s a look at some of the other readers (other than Kindle, Google Play Books) that are out there for anyone who wants to make book reading a daily activity.

Ebook Reader (Free)

Ebook Reader is the official reader linked to When you first open the app, you instantly become the proud owner of a few free books to try out the reader. To get more content you will need to have an account and then sync the phone. With you can read on your Android or iOS device and the computer. You purchase books individually and they have a large variety of topics and categories, including academics.

In the app, you can organize books on your phone by author or title. Once you get into a book, you have a number of nice options. On the screen you can easily bookmark the page you are on, clip a note to the page (which you create), highlight text, switch between a light/dark background, access a list of all your bookmarks, and adjust the font size and color.

Aldiko Book Reader (Free)

Aldiko Book reader is an independent ebook reader that connects to numerous ebook markets to purchase ebooks. There are two versions of the app, this free version and a paid version. The main differences between the two are the premium version gives you the ability to highlight text and add notes, while including a home widget and excluding ads. When you first open the app, you get one free book. The downside is this app lacks pinch to zoom feature; to make any adjustments, you will need to access the app’s menu.

With Aldiko book reader you can change the background (light/dark), adjust text size, brightness, orientation, page margins, line spacing, and screen timeouts. This app does provide you with these and quite a few more options, really allowing you to customize the layout. The app also allows you to import EPUB, PDF, and Adobe eBook DRM. Before you upgrade to the premium version, you should take a look and see their markets provide the types of books you enjoy reading.  I experienced some trouble in their marketplace, but it could just be my device.

Moon+ Reader (Free)

Moon + Reader is an independent ebook reader with a lot of options. The app is not associated with any particular market and you cannot search any within the app. Unlike most readers, you need to provide the ebooks. The app supports epub, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip and OPDS. There is also a pro version of the app which does not have ads, allows you to fill out pdf forms, includes headset and Bluetooth key controls, and more.

The real advantage to this ebook app is the options it provides, as there are a lot. In addition to the standard ones you find in each reader, this app has various themes you can install. There is a set of visual options, control options, a set of miscellaneous options, and the ability to backup and restore the options you set. You can search the Net Library within the app to look for free and other ebooks, and the app has been translated into a large number of languages.

FBReader (Free)

FBreader is the official app of, which is a multi-platform ebook reader. This app is a very basic reader. There are a few other free add-on apps you can download, such as text to speech and OPDS catalogs that you can install. With FBReader, you can browse a number of different network libraries on your phone: Smashwords, Feedbooks, ManyBooks Catalog, and you can even add your own.

The app as with the others, provides you with some standard options such as night/day themes, bookmarks, and a search feature. You can zoom in/out, but only through a menu button that is a couple of clicks deep. FBReader does have some nice options such adjusting the font (and all that is associated with it), colors and wallpapers, page margins, progress indicator, how to turn a page, etc. The only thing that I do not like about this app, is that it takes two clicks into the menu to find the options.

Reading is something everyone needs to make time for. With an ebook reader, you can easily bring your books with you. Which should you use? That depends on a number of factors, the biggest is if you want to purchase ebooks or download free ones. All of the them worked well and came with some nice options. Is there any particular reader you are using?