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New Android apps worth downloading: Facebook Pages, SwiftKey Flow Beta update, Steampunk Racing 3D

by Phil Hornshaw

Another of Facebook’s special  standalone apps, Facebook Pages, has finally made its way over to the Google Play store. It allows you to manage your Facebook page just as you would from the web, which is handy if you’re running a brand or building a community. We’ve also got an update to the SwiftKey Flow beta, bringing some fixes to the gesture keyboard, and Steampunk Racing 3D, a game that has you blasting turn of the century vehicles with outlandish weapons.

Facebook Pages Manager (Free)

What’s it about? Facebook’s app specifically designed to manage “Pages” on the social network lets you field messages, check comments, and post updates to your brand or group’s specialized page.

What’s cool? Lots of people use Facebook personally, but for those who have pages for things like brands, bands or professional reasons, Facebook has created a special app just for dealing with its non-personal Pages. It’s extremely handy if you happen to run one of those sections of Facebook, because Pages gives you full mobile control. That means you can make updates when something happens, post photos and videos, and responding to page users is a lot easier, which helps engage your audience.

Who’s it for? This one’s specifically for people who manage a Facebook Page, so if that’s you, you’ll want Facebook Pages.

What’s it like? For your personal stuff, get the standard Facebook app.

SwiftKey Flow Beta update (Free)

What’s it about? Gesture-based keyboard SwiftKey Flow is in public beta available for free from its creators, and it just received a serious update.

What’s cool? Seeing SwiftKey Flow in action is pretty impressive. The app allows users to type on the standard Android keyboard using swiping, rather than typing, but with the added benefit of allowing you to move extremely quick through your words and never lift your finger off the keyboard. The result is an impressive, fast typing solution for using your Android keyboard. The beta’s most recent update adds a lot of performance improvements, like better battery life, the ability to delete single words if you should mess up while typing, and the ability to switch quickly between “flowing” and tapping. You can download the beta from SwiftKey’s site here. You can also watch their video:

Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of SwiftKey’s other keyboard apps, like SwiftKey 3, you’ll want to give Flow a try.

What’s it like? As mentioned, try SwiftKey 3, as well as TouchPal Keyboard, for some more gesture typing solutions.

Steampunk Racing 3D (Free)

What’s it about? If you can’t tell from the name, Steampunk Racing 3D is a racing title that uses a “Steampunk” art style and sports solid 3-D graphics.

What’s cool? The primary thing that makes Steampunk Racing fun is the design of its vehicles. Steampunk is an art style noted for the inclusion of things like wood structures, brass piping and pressure gauges, so the vehicles of Steampunk Racing look like they could be more scientific versions of something you might have seen in 1890. That means you’ll fly around tracks in buggies and trucks from when cars were young, and you’ll also attack opponents with special weapons, as well. Steampunk Racing includes 16 tracks and more than 30 weapons, as well as a single-player mode and a six-racer multiplayer mode.

Who’s it for? If you like racing titles with a bit of a different graphical flare – and the ability to blow up your opponents – check out Steampunk Racing 3D.

What’s it like? Remedy’s Death Rally does some great stuff by combining racing with blowing things up, and things get pretty crazy in Reckless Racing, too.

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