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New Android apps worth downloading: Facebook Messenger update, Blip TV, Prehistoric Park

by Phil Hornshaw

Kick off the week by talking with your friends with Facebook Messenger’s latest update, which adds the ability to send voice messages to your social network contacts. We’ve also got Blip TV, a web video player that brings you a number of original web series for streaming, and Prehistoric Park, a management game about creating a caveman theme park.

Facebook Messenger update (Free)

What’s it about? Facebook’s one-off messaging app allows you to communicate with other Facebook users through a variety of means, including voice with its new update.

What’s cool? Already, Facebook Messenger was one of the more useful apps to have for any Android device. With more than a billion people active on Facebook, the app is great for contacting people you know, using either a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection (and therefore, not your cellular plan’s text messages). The latest update to Messenger adds a short push-to-talk voice message system that allows you to send bits of audio to friends.

Who’s it for? Facebook users, you should have Facebook Messenger if you ever want to make use of the service’s chat features on your mobile devices.

What’s it like? The standalone Facebook app is also very useful for finding and contacting people, apart from its usual social networking functions.

Blip TV (Free)

What’s it about? Video app Blip TV is all about finding, watching, and sharing original web series.

What’s cool? Blip TV is both a viewer and a curated list of videos. The app provides you with a number of original series from all around the web, and each is organized into a list of categories. The result is the ability to search for things to watch in a variety of ways, tracking down either a particular show or browsing all that’s on offer in the genres of comedy, drama, and so on. When you find something you want to watch, you can stream the video through Blip TV using either a Wi-Fi Internet connection or cellular data.

Who’s it for? Fans of original web video content and those who enjoy streaming videos will use Blip TV often.

What’s it like? You can also use your mobile device to stream movies and TV shows with apps such as Vudu Movies and TV and Crackle.

Prehistoric Park (Free)

What’s it about? Prehistoric Park tasks you with constructing a theme park for cavemen, featuring rides and dinosaurs.

What’s cool? Prehistoric Park is one of those free-to-play management games, in which you build up your theme park and keep it running while waiting for building times to expire. Prehistoric Park separates itself with its subject matter; it’s got a pretty diverse number of things for you to add to your park to keep it running at peak capacity. It invokes old favorites like Rollercoaster Tycoon a little more than most. The result is another free-to-play title, but feels a little more fresh and involved than the usual fare.

Who’s it for? Players who enjoy free-to-play time killers and management simulations will have fun with this light-hearted title.

What’s it like? Check out Theme Park, Electronic Arts’ take on a similar concept, and Jurassic Park Builder, another management game with dinosaurs!

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