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New Android apps worth downloading: Circle - Nearby Friends Chat, The Gentleman, Sonic Jump

by Phil Hornshaw

Give networking app Circle a try the next time you head to a convention or a work function. It was designed to help you find people you know from Facebook and other social sites in real-life settings. In the meantime, try some games: The Gentleman, a challenging puzzle-platformer, and Sonic Jump, an endless jumping title featuring Sonic the Hedgehog.

Circle – Nearby Friends Chat (Free)

What’s it about? As the name suggests, Circle is one of those apps that detects people you know online who are nearby and encourages you to interact with them.

What’s cool? Circle works with your Contacts and Friends Lists to determine nearby social networking acquaintances. The app also allows you to chat with those nearby people through the app interface (provided they also have Circle), so you can connect with them face-to-face. The app interacts with social networks such as Facebook to help you find people, and if you don’t know anyone around, it’ll suggest people for you to interact with and meet.

Who’s it for? Circle is key for avid social networkers and professional across every industry who want to do some actual real-life networking.

What’s it like? Another handy app for locating people in real life that you know online is Sonar.

The Gentleman ($0.99)

What’s it about? In puzzle-platformer The Gentleman,  you take control of a stick figure in search of monocles as you cross one side-scrolling level after another.

What’s cool? The Gentleman combines an atmospheric, low-res look – your character is a stick figure and the world is mostly made up of square blocks – with challenging gameplay. As you move through each level, you’ll have to find different ways of advancing by using different blocks to your advantage. Some move or disappear as you touch them, for example, and others only appear when lightning strikes in the background. You’ll have to move carefully to finish each stage, and along the way you’re tasked with retrieving as many of The Gentleman’s monocles as possible.

Who’s it for? Platforming fans, The Gentleman is for you. Although, it’s probably too tough for casual gamers and kids.

What’s it like? League of Evil and Rayman Jungle Run are two quality platformers worth your attention.

Sonic Jump ($1.99)

What’s it about? Sonic Jump is a vertical scroller featuring the super-fast Sonic the Hedgehog of Sega’s flagship platformer.

What’s cool? Sonic is a pretty great fit for the genre made famous by titles like Mega Jump and Doodle Jump, as his jumping and speed mix well to make a challenging and entertaining endless jumper. Sonic Jump does a great job of bringing Sonic game elements into the genre – like enemies, traps, as well as bouncers and other objects that send Sonic flying at high speeds. Your goal is to gather rings and get as high as you can through the course of the game, and it includes other characters, including Knuckles and Dr. Eggman (or Robotnik).

Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of either Sonic or vertical scrolling games, check this one out.

What’s it like? As mentioned, there are some old standbys in the vertical scrolling genre that have endured because they’re great: Mega Jump and Doodle Jump.

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