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Vudu Movies and TV leads Android Apps of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

The holidays may have come and gone, but now we prepare to step into a new year with some new apps, forever venturing forth. One of those new apps is a Vudu Movies and TV app, letting you stream from the Vudu service. We’ve also got fancy new keyboards and slick alarm clocks, a parking spot finder for The Windy City, and an innovative but somewhat incomplete photo sharing app. Let’s do this.

Vudu Movies and TV (Free)

While it isn’t as popular as Netflix, and probably never will be, Vudu Movies and TV streaming has offered media mavens an alternative place to view, rent, or purchase digital version of all their favorite films. In fact, many studios are supporting Vudu, with blu-ray/DVD copies of movies coming with a Vudu digital copy promo code. Now you can stream those movies to your Android device, and it works well too. It’s great to be able to watch a solid selection of mobile movies on the go, even if this is far from the first app to let you do so. All in all, it’s a pretty cool service.

Kii Keyboard (Free)

No matter what the application is or how full featured it may be, developers always find room for improvement. Even something as simple as a keyboard can be vastly tweaked to offer new features and customization options. That’s where Kii Keyboard comes in. It offers some slick new ways to type, such as gesture-based typing and smart word predictions. You can also make use of plenty of different themes and set your own photos as the keyboard background image. Go ahead and give it a try.

SpotHero (Free)

This is a very specific app for a certain group of people, and I’m sorry to include something so exclusionary on this list, but it’s been a slow week, and I have a personal bias on this topic. SpotHero is a brilliant app for people who live in the Chicago area, where this lovely website is based and where I grew up. It’s meant to find cheap parking by comparing and contrasting various garages by location. This is an impressive feat, I assure you, especially since the app offers some exclusive discounts just for owning it. You can even reserve parking spots ahead of time. It’s just awesome, and hopefully they branch out to include other major metropolitan areas in the near future.

Wave Alarm (Free)

Some alarm clocks have you solve a sliding tile puzzle and a few calculus problems before shutting off an eardrum destroying wail, which believe me, some people really desperately need. If you’re more of a morning person, and are concerned with style and simplicity with your alarm clock apps, then look no further than Wave Alarm. It’s a slick new alarm clock app that uses your device’s front facing camera as something of a motion tracker, letting you snooze or shut off your alarm with a simple motion. It boasts plenty of other features as well, such as real time weather updates and music library alarm choices.

Flock (Free)

Flock is an interesting new app that gets an A+ for effort and innovation, but a C- or so in execution. Essentially, it’s a photo sharing app that seeks to separate itself from Facebook and the rest, making it easier for you to find photos based on time and location taken rather than sift through a dozen albums online. Using facial recognition, it auto-tags your friends and creates albums for you with no real input. You don’t even have to open the app to use it. Unfortunately, the software needs some work, with a lot of bugs and wonky features, but definitely keep your eye on this one.

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