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Cheezburger leads Android Apps of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

Well, we’ve finally arrived. It’s the end of the world. And now, here at the end, we are faced with one important question… “What will I do on my last day?” Or more specifically, “What apps will I download?” The answer is simple. Download the official Cheezburger app and look at cat photos all day. You know there’s no better way to spend your final hours. Also, you can go on a Wanelo shopping spree, talk to someone in a foreign language, check your Yahoo email, and reminisce over the past year with Google. Here are the top apps of the last day of our lives… until tomorrow.

Cheezburger (Free)

Yes that’s right. The home of hilarious cat pictures, I Can Has Cheezburger?, now has an official mobile app. Amidst all of the more serious, practical, and useful apps, this just had to be the top app of the week. As a denizen of the Internet, I had no choice but to recognize the powerful force that has been unleashed against the human race’s productivity. Now you can easily browse through hilarious photos and entries from all of the sites under the ‘Cheezburger Network.’ But try not to get too distracted by this app. Ceiling Cat is watching you, after all.

Wanelo (Free) has really taken off as a shopping website unlike any other. Standing for “Want, Need, Love,” Wanelo is like the lovechild of Twitter, Pinterest, and Etsy, with all the same distracting social networking properties plus the added horror of high probability of wallet lightening. People can share various products from all over the world with their friends and family, and just looking at the site you can see that only the most unique and stylish items get promoted. You can also save items for later, which you’ll probably have to do while you wait for your inevitable Wanelo-created welfare checks.

Vocre ~ Translate Voice & Text ($2.99)

There are plenty of voice translating apps walking around the block, but not many of them will turn heads like Vocre ~ Translate Voice & Text. Allowing you to translate both voice and text, the app is designed around the idea of a face to face table conversation. The interface is designed around that concept, with your Android’s screen split in half, picking up both of your voices, confirming your words, and then spitting a translation out on the other side. All of these apps have accuracy issues so far, but with a few novel features and a nice list of languages, this app is nothing to sneeze at.

Yahoo Mail update (Free)

As someone, like many others, with multiple email addresses, it has always made me sad inside to see how far behind Yahoo Mail was in terms of mobile access. This latest update seeks to change my mind, completely overhauling the interface, adding some much requested features like pull-to-refresh, and rebranding itself as Y! Mail. I’ve had my Yahoo mail account since I was a lad of 12, and I’m glad to finally see it catch up with Gmail and the rest. Surely, this is but another momentous occasion to add to 2012’s accolades.

Google Zeitgeist 2012 (Free)

Few people can really look beyond their own immediate vicinity and pierce the veil that surrounds the true cultural zeitgeist of our time, but Google in all their power and data collecting glory absolutely can. As we round out this rather memorable year, we can reminisce of days recently passed using various top ten lists and features from Google. We re-elected Obama, assembled the Avengers, rose with the Dark Knight, and Oppa Gangnam Styled all over the nation. Depending on today’s outcome, we will have either survived or been a part of the apocalypse, too. What a year.

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