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New Android apps worth downloading: Flock, XFINITY TV Player update, OverLight - Alpha

by Phil Hornshaw

Photography app Flock uses your device’s GPS capabilities to link up with your friends and make shared albums for photos you take at the same event. An update to XFINITY TV Player is next, bringing better video streaming capabilities. Finally, we have OverLight - Alpha, a puzzle game that uses lasers and glass blocks to cause chain explosions.

Flock (Free)

What’s it about? Flock allows users to band together to share their photos and create group photo albums, then share them.

What’s cool? When you and your friends use the app and take photos at a shared event, Flock keeps track of the location data and then brings the shots together, automatically creating the album for you all that everyone can then check out individually on their devices. It eliminates the need for you to share photos individually or gather them all to another service. The app can even create albums out of photos you shot before you installed it.

Who’s it for? Flock’s a great app for groups of friends who also love to shoot photos with their Android devices.

What’s it like? For more photo album goodness, try Smart Album – Photo Calendar.

XFINITY TV Player update (Free)

What’s it about? Subscribers to Comcast Cable’s XFINITY service can use the XFINITY TV Player app to watch On Demand shows on their Android devices.

What’s cool? Watching cable TV shows on your Android tablet or phone is pretty slick. The app lets you stream content from premium channels such as HBO, Starz, Encore and more, and a few of the channels will even allow you to download TV shows to watch offline. XFINITY’s update adds fixes to the app to make it easier to use various devices to stream XFINITY content, and increases the stability the playback.

Who’s it for? This one’s specifically for Comcast customers who subscribe to the XFINITY service. If that’s you, you’ll want to check out the app.

What’s it like? For more great streaming content, try Netflix (if you’re a subscriber) and Crackle to see some free content from Sony.

OverLight – Alpha ($0.99)

What’s it about? Puzzler OverLight - Alpha is all about lasers. Your job is to use glass blocks of various shapes to redirect two lasers into intersecting, thereby blowing stuff up and scoring points.

What’s cool? The screen is populated by glass blocks that look kind of like Tetris pieces, and each one diverts a pair of beams in different ways. Your job is to see the patterns and tap blocks to remove them, thereby sending the beams in different directions. You want the two beams to converge in the same glass block to score points, which will destroy it. The more blocks you clear at once with the lasers, the more points you score, and you can chain the explosions together for combos. Every block you tap costs you points, however, there is a time limit.

Who’s it for? Puzzle game fans should find an interesting new take in OverLight - Alpha.

What’s it like? There’s something of a similarity to Tetris in here. Where’s My Water also uses lasers.

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