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New Android apps worth downloading: Cheezburger, SpotHero, Icy Tower 2

by Phil Hornshaw

Take a five-minute break for happiness today by downloading Cheezburger, which ties you into the Cheezburger Network of websites. We’ve also got SpotHero, a parking space-finder app for Chicago drivers, and Icy Tower 2, a great endless jumping game.

Cheezburger (Free)

What’s it about? The official app of the Cheezburger Network, the company responsible for sites like, brings its goofy brand of Internet meme humor straight to you, wherever you are.

What’s cool? A big part of I Can Haz Cheezburger and other sites in the Cheezburger Network is just being able to cruise through the entertaining meme photos people have created. Cheezburger makes that process very easy – you just tap into the site you want to see and start cruising, and you can easily back out and enter a different site at any time. You can also share your favorite meme photos with other users through Facebook and Twitter from the app, with little difficulty.

Who’s it for? Cheezburger is very much for fans of Cheezburger Network sites, so if you love lolcats, you’ll like this.

What’s it like? Fire up Lolcat Builder for a chance to make your own Cheezburger-style meme photos.

SpotHero (Free)

What’s it about? Parking app SpotHero is geared at users in Chicago, but if you’ve ever tried to park in that city, you’ll want to use this app. It helps you find parking on the cheap.

What’s cool? Like any big city, parking in Chicago can be extremely hard to come by, especially if you don’t want to pay through the nose for it. SpotHero searches the area around you, using your Android device’s GPS capabilities, to find not only a useful parking spot in your vicinity, but one at a decent price. The app provides you with information about where the spot is and what it’ll cost. You can make a reservation of the spot on your way over and protect it from opportunist spot-snaggers.

Who’s it for? This one’s specifically for driving Chicagoans, but if you plan to visit the city, grab SpotHero before you go.

What’s it like? Try help2park for more parking options, and Parkdroid for finding your car again later.

Icy Tower 2 (Free)

What’s it about? The sequel to the extremely popular jumping game Icy Tower is here, with new features and improvements.

What’s cool? Like other jumping games, Icy Tower 2 is the sort of endless title you can play to kill time. Your goal is to get as high as possible without falling, and the game provides some really tight controls, either tilt-based or touch-based, to help you get there. Icy Tower 2 is also filled with tons of power-ups and includes stunts you can perform for extra points as you keep going up. All in all, there are quite a few features for an endless vertical scroller, which might be the reason the franchise is so popular.

Who’s it for? If you like vertical scrollers, or just a game to which you can dedicate five minutes with no real obligation, give Icy Tower 2 a shot.

What’s it like? There are lots of quality entries in the jumping genre, but Mega Jump and Doodle Jump are among the best.

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