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New Android apps worth downloading: Vocre, Yahoo! Mail update, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

by Phil Hornshaw

Turn your Android device into an instant language interpreter with Vocre. The app, perfect for business and travel, listens to what you say in one language, then translates it into another. Following that, we’ve got a big update to app Yahoo! Mail, and an Android version of the PlayStation classic game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Vocre ~ Translate Voice & Text ($2.99)

What’s it about? Vocre is a translation app that’s meant to handle both text and voice, allowing you to turn your Android device into a portable translator for a whole lot of different languages.

What’s cool? The number of languages supported by Vocre is pretty impressive, ranging from Egyptian Arabic to Turkish and more. The app works by dividing your device’s screen in half, and is meant to be used when you set your phone or tablet down on a table between you and the person to whom you want to speak. The app catches words from both speakers and outputs them on the screen so you can make sure they’re correct, then translates them from one language to the other and playing a voice recording of the sentence in the other language. It’s like having a third person there to interpret. Just keep in mind that Vocre is still in active development, so it might not be 100-percent perfect yet, according to its developers.

Who’s it for? If having a personal translator would be a big help in your life, give Vocre a try and see if it can meet your needs.

What’s it like? You can get more translation help from Google Translate and iTranslate.

Yahoo! Mail update (Free)

What’s it about? The email app for the web service provided by Yahoo! has just gotten a big overhaul, and a rebrand to Y! Mail.

What’s cool? Yahoo! has done a lot of work to its email app, and it only just starts with renaming it Y! Mail. The app now includes an all-new user interface (just in time to sync up with a design change for the web-based version), improved push notifications, pull-to-refresh capabilities and more. It also has all the benefits of Yahoo! Mail, including the ability to sync with your web-based inbox and contacts, autocomplete features for email addresses, a photo-preview feature and the ability to access multiple Yahoo! Mail accounts from the app at a time.

Who’s it for? Email users whose primary mode of mailing is Yahoo! will find a lot of useful features in the new Y! Mail app.

What’s it like? There are lots of web-based email apps and clients: Try Google’s version, Gmail, and the Microsoft-owned Hotmail for alternatives.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ($4.99)

What’s it about? One of the best-loved games of the Playstation 2 era hits Android, in all its car-stealing, violent and profane glory.

What’s cool? It’s the 10th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the follow-up to the controversial and game-changing GTA III that takes place in the Miami-like tropical crime den of Vice City. The game stars a character voiced by actor Ray Liotta and some series highlights, like the introduction of motorcycles as a driveable vehicle. Players can experience the Vice City story all over again, and engage in all the well-known GTA exploits, like car theft, solicitation of prostitution, and firing rockets at police helicopters. Video game fans won’t want to miss this classic.

Who’s it for? If you ever loved Grand Theft Auto, or just want a solid (but not for young kids) gaming experience, Vice City is a must-have.

What’s it like? Check out Grand Theft Auto III for more wanton destruction and GTA Radio for just the awesome audio bits from the series.

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