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New Android apps worth downloading: Maxthon Cloud Web Browser, Twitter update, Baseball Superstars 2013

by Phil Hornshaw

Cloud-based mobile browser Maxthon, which allows you to sync your web browsing across multiple devices, kicks off today’s apps worth downloading. Next, we’ve got a big update to the mobile app for Twitter, which adds Instagram-like photo filters for your image-sharing needs. Finally, Baseball Superstar 2013 combines sports gameplay with role-playing depth.

Maxthon Cloud Web Browser (Free)

What’s it about? Maxthon’s browser is made to be lightweight and secure, because it’s designed specifically for people with multiple devices, so it can be used across all of them.

What’s cool? Cloud browser Maxthon allows you to save your browsing session across multiple devices, which means when you fire it up on your Android phone and search for a page, you can come back to it later on your Android tablet. The browser also includes support for tabs and favorites syncing, and allows you to browse under “private” settings so that no other users can see what you’ve been up to, should you not want them to. Maxthon also allows for social sharing on Facebook and Twitter, among a ton of other features.

Who’s it for? Anyone in the market for a new mobile browser should give Maxthon a look, especially if you have more than one device and you want to sync your browsing capabilities between them.

What’s it like? Another solid mobile browser is Dolphin, as well as Google’s popular Chrome.

Twitter update (Free)

What’s it about? Microblogging social network Twitter’s Android app just got a big update that supplies its photo-sharing features with Instagram-like filters.

What’s cool? You might have heard about something of a recent falling out between photo-sharing service Instagram and Twitter – part of which is because Instagram is owned by Facebook. Pushing the whole situation further, Twitter has just released a big update for its Android app that includes photo filters users can apply to images shared through its TwitPic capabilities. Basically, it’s Instagram, Twitter-style. The good news is, if you really like Twitter, it makes things a bit more convenient. The app still also allows you to do all the other cool things you can on Twitter, like viewing your stream of updates and sending some of your own, as well.

Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of the Twitter Android app, you should definitely check out this update and see if its features are for you.

What’s it like? For the purists, there’s always the original Instagram. Give InstaWisdom a try if you’re a fan of the photo-editing app, as it adds more cool capabilities for your retro shots.

Baseball Superstars 2013 (Free)

What’s it about? Gamevil’s baseball-themed role-playing title is headed into 2013, bringing more slugging action to players, along with some new features.

What’s cool? Baseball Superstars is well-known for combining easy-to-learn baseball gameplay with role-playing game elements that allow you to improve the players on your team over time, provide them with better equipment, and teach them new skills. The game also makes it possible to compete against your friends in online multiplayer games, and the newest version of the game also features a new Quest system that provides players with lots to do and lets them earn improvements their players.

Who’s it for? If you like the Baseball Superstars series, give this new edition a go. New players should take a look if they’re fans of deeper role-playing experiences, as well as baseball with a Japanese spin on the presentation.

What’s it like? If you need more Baseball Superstars, there’s last year’s iteration, Baseball Superstars 2012. For a somewhat simpler baseball experience, Homerun Battle 2 offers a different take on a lot of the same ideas.

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