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New Android apps worth downloading: Snapseed, Action Launcher Pro, Heroes of Order & Chaos

by Phil Hornshaw

Make the best of your Android photography with Snapseed, a photo editor with filters to make them even cooler. Following that, we have Action Launcher Pro, an app launcher that keeps your Android device organized and clean. Finally, Heroes of Order & Chaos lets you get online and pummel players from all over the world with its fantasy hero characters.

Snapseed (Free)

What’s it about? Photo app Snapseed is an editor for tweaking and improving your photos, or making them more creative.

What’s cool? Snapseed combines a number of photo-editing features, like cropping and color adjustment, with an easy-to-use interface that makes tweaking your photos a snap. The app covers all the basics, from autocorrect to image tuning and also packs a lot of extra things like the ability to add borders and filters. You can also select smaller areas of a photo and adjust those separately from the rest of the image to highlight certain features or make more subtle changes. You can also share your finished products through social networks such as Facebook and Google+.

Who’s it for? If you snap a lot of shots with your Android devices, Snapseed might be the app you need to make them look even better.

What’s it like? For more photo capabilities, try PicsArt and PhotoWonder.

Action Launcher Pro ($3.99)

What’s it about? Action Launcher is exactly what it sounds like: a launcher for your apps that’s simple and quick.

What’s cool? Launchers are all about speed and organization, and Action Launcher maximizes both with an extremely simple user interface. Action Launcher includes an “app drawer” feature that lets you keep your most-used apps close at hand, and a “Covers” feature that makes launching apps quick and easy without messing up the organization you have for your home screen. It also includes Play Store integration to make getting more apps, and keeping them organized, as easy as possible.

Who’s it for? Android junkies serious about keeping their devices perfectly organized.

What’s it like? For alternative launcher options, take a look at FlipLauncher and GO Launcher EX.

Heroes of Order & Chaos (Free)

What’s it about? Gameloft has created a spin-off from its popular mobile massive multiplayer online game, Order & Chaos Online. This one is a “multiplayer online battle arena,” or MOBA, title that has players squaring off against each other in battle.

What’s cool? MOBA titles have players taking on the roles of powerful heroes to try to take one another down, while being backed up by generic minion fighters. In Heroes of Order & Chaos players team up to take on one another, and spend time honing their skills with different fighters, as well as improving their abilities through successful battles. You can play alone, or in games of  3-versus-3 or 5-versus-5, and additional hero characters are available through in-app purchases.

Who’s it for? If you like MOBAs like League of Legends on PC, you should definitely try Gameloft’s mobile take.

What’s it like? Order & Chaos Online, the game that spawned Heroes, is worth a look for players who enjoy high-quality mobile titles.

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