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New Android apps worth downloading: Pocket update, Rhapsody SongMatch, WordTag

by Phil Hornshaw

A fresh update to article read-it-later app Pocket leads this week’s first haul of apps, adding the ability to see subscription content from several new partner websites. Rhapsody SongMatch is next, allowing you to identify songs you hear out in the world and then listen to them through your Rhapsody subscription. Finally, we have WordTag, a game in which you need to describe a specific word so others can guess it, without using several off-limits words to do so.

Pocket update (Free)

What’s it about? The read-it-later app Pocket now includes partnerships with publications that bring a few of them directly into the app, ready to go.

What’s cool? Pocket is already an extremely handy app that lets you save videos and articles you see on the Internet in your browser for later. The app syncs with your account on the web, bringing the articles you saved to your Android device in a streamlined, ad-free design. In Pocket’s newest updates, it has partnered with a few publications, including the New York Review of Books and VQR, to allow subscribers to those websites to access all their features. That includes extensive archives that get the Pocket user interface treatment.

Who’s it for? If you like reading things on the Internet but don’t have time to read it all in your web browser, you should check Pocket out.

What’s it like? Another solid app for reading online articles in an offline capacity is Instapaper.

Rhapsody SongMatch (Free)

What’s it about? Music service Rhapsody’s new app is all about identifying songs you hear out in the world, so you can listen to them later.

What’s cool? Users of Rhapsody’s subscription streaming music service can use SongMatch to identify songs playing in malls, on the radio, or wherever, using their Android device’s microphone and Internet connection. SongMatch listens to the song, beams the information out over the Internet and identifies it, and then saves the song to your Rhapsody account so you can listen to it later, or find more music by the same artist. You can instantly listen to any matched song and read information about it and its artist. If you don’t have a Rhapsody subscription, the app also gives you a free two-week trial you can start anytime.

Who’s it for? Music fans and users of Rhapsody, SongMatch is built for you to aid in your musical discoveries.

What’s it like? Both SoundHound and Shazam offer similar capabilities to SongMatch, but without the Rhapsody component.

WordTag (Free)

What’s it about? WordTag is about describing words so that other people can guess what they are, not unlike the party game Taboo. You’re given a target word to describe, and several other words you can’t use in the description.

What’s cool? A multiplayer game, WordTag lets you write 120-character descriptions of your word for other players to guess, and also allows you to guess at other people’s words. You earn points as people guess your word and for words you guess, and can earn badges showing off your skills. The whole experience is asynchronous, which means you don’t have to wait around for anyone to play with – you just jump into the game and hop out again at your own pace.

Who’s it for? Word game fans who enjoy multiplayer would do well to give WordTag a try.

What’s it like? I mentioned Taboo at the top – it’s a similar experience and great for parties.

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