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Etsy leads Android Apps of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week’s releases put modern spins on old-fashioned things, whether that’s shopping, reading, listening to music, or even managing your investments! Topping the list is everyone’s favorite place to shop for unique, handmade arts, crafts, toys, and decorations, Etsy! We’ve also got a Rhapsody update, a new alternative eBook reader, a Personal Capital Investing app, and the best thing to ever hit the Internet, Adblock Plus!

Etsy (Free)

Etsy is just one of those marvels of our Internet age, where people don’t need big time distributors and investors to get their product and their creativity out in the world. If you want something handcrafted and original, this is the place to look. It’s kind of parallel with the indie gaming scene in that way, which is fitting, since the coolest indie developers around use often use Etsy to sell their publisher-free merchandise! Now you can shop and browse through millions of quirky and unique arts and crafts on the go with this slick new mobile app.

Adblock Plus (Free)

Adblock Plus is practically the messiah of Internet browsing. I’ve barely watched any video advertisements in the last several years, which I’m sure has saved me hundreds and hundreds of precious seconds that I could better use watching more episodes of shows that keep me from being productive! Now, fans of mobile Internet browsing can enjoy the same perks and comforts. Some people live off of their ad revenue, so you should definitely turn it off for people who need it or who you want to support. Even I will do that much from time to time!

Rhapsody update (Free)

These days, it just makes a lot more sense to stream videos and music than to hoard them in your hard drive and take up precious memory. Rhapsody has always offered a great alternative to iTunes, letting you stream any music in their massive database for a monthly fee. This latest update aims to help in the discovery of new music, adding a ‘listening history’ feature, which lets you look back at any songs you’ve previously listened to, just in case you forgot to mark them in your favorites. Of course, a standard litany of bug fixes and upgrades come as a side dish.

Personal Capital Investing (Free)

Even with all the online tracking of spending that we have available to us, sometimes a little extra help is needed in keeping the books. This official Personal Capital Investing app lets you track your spending, how much you make, and your various investment accounts. The idea is to bring all your accounts to the same location for easy cross referencing and viewing. The user interface is a bit clunky and the app is a bit basic thus far, but it has great potential and is worth a download from the more financially minded.

Flipkart Flyte eBook (Free)

People interested in reading books on their tablets and phones should check out Flipkart Flyte eBooks, an alternative eBook reader/shop with plenty of handy features. Here you can check out samples of books before you buy and access them across multiple devices. The service will even bookmark your progress for when you switch to a new device. Literature students can also make use of the highlighting and note-taking features of the app. This is a solid app with a streamlined interface, and it’s always nice to have more good options in the app world!

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