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New Android apps worth downloading: Flipkart Flyte eBooks, Kicksend update, Crazy Fairies Beta

by Phil Hornshaw

Find some new ebooks to read on your Android devices with Flipkart Flyte eBooks. Following it is Kicksend’s update that adds the ability to send your photos from your Android device to stores such as Target to be printed. Finally, Crazy Fairies Beta brings some multiplayer strategy and fairytale characters to your gaming library.

Flipkart Flyte eBooks (Free)

What’s it about? Purchase and read ebooks through Flipkart’s online store and its easy-to-use reading interface.

What’s cool? Flipkart is a pretty handy means of finding new ebooks and checking them out before you buy them. The app lets you check out samples of books as you search through its online store, download them directly to your device, and access them across multiple devices. That means if you start reading on your computer or tablet, you can sync where you left off when you switch to your Android phone, or whatever. You can also make highlights and take notes in your books, as well.

Who’s it for? If you like reading on your smartphone or tablet, you should definitely try Flipkart as an alternative ebook reader.

What’s it like? Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook offer a lot of the same functionality as Flipkart Flyte eBooks.

Kicksend: Send Photos and Videos update (Free)

What’s it about? Kicksend lets Android photographers send images to other devices and to be printed into actual, physical photos.

What’s cool? The latest update to Kicksend makes it possible for U.S. users to send images to CVS, Target and Walgreens stores to be printed, so you can go pick them up and pay for them with minimal hassle. You can also send whole albums to loved ones, as well as full-quality images, and there’s no limit to what you can send or the quality level offered – which means sharing photos is easier, especially if you want to send high-quality versions. You can also do social network things like favorite different albums and leave comments.

Who’s it for? users who take lots of Android photos and share them with friends and family should look into Kicksend.

What’s it like? PostalPix also lets users create prints of their Android photos.

Crazy Fairies Beta (Free)

What’s it about? Turn-based strategy title Crazy Fairies has players flinging artillery at one another, and also playing as fairy tale characters for added weirdness.

What’s cool? Crazy Fairies is a multiplayer title, with the goal being to use various different weapons to take down your opponents in turn-based play. The whole game is set up on a side-scrolling plane, and players choose different fairy tale characters to control and take into battle. As you play, you’ll be able to upgrade your capabilities to make you more effective in combat, but the game is basically about moving around the map to avoid fire, while firing off your weapons to take down enemies before they can escape. Just keep in mind that this is a beta release, and therefore, bugs are still being worked out.

Who’s it for? Strategy and multiplayer fans, this one’s for you, especially since Crazy Fairies supports cross-platform play with iOS users and PC players.

What’s it like? The classic side-scrolling strategy game Worms is very similar to what Crazy Fairies offers, while Great Big War Game offers more top-down strategy action.

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