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New Android apps worth downloading: Rhapsody and Angry Birds Star Wars updates, Babel Rising 3D Sponsored

by Phil Hornshaw

Start the week with the newly updated Rhapsody app, which brings streaming music to subscribers and includes new features for a better experience. We’ve also got Babel Rising 3D Sponsored, a free version of the popular “god game,” and an update to Angry Birds Star Wars that takes players to Hoth, the unforgiving planet of ice.

Rhapsody update (Free)

What’s it about? Streaming music service Rhapsody lets users play millions of songs on their Android devices (and other devices, too), while paying a monthly fee instead of purchasing individual songs.

What’s cool? The app’s latest update includes a number of bug fixes and throws in a “listening history” feature, which allows you to track back the songs you’ve heard before – a good feature if you want to use Rhapsody for music discovery, but failed to mark down your new favorites as you found them.

Who’s it for? The app is primarily geared at Rhapsody subscribers, but if you’re interested in trying out a streaming music service, you can do that, too.

What’s it like? The beta version of the Rdio app also offers streaming capabilities, as does Spotify.

Babel Rising 3D Sponsored (Free)

What’s it about? In this new version of Babel Rising, players take on the role of a vengeful god, tasked with punishing and eliminating humans attempting to build the Tower of Babel.

What’s cool? The “sponsored” version of Babel Rising refers to it being free with ad support, so it’s not quite as robust as the full game you could pay for. That said, developer AMALtd has reworked things to make the game a little more fun. Players start with various god powers, like sending tidal waves or lightning strikes, and more can be unlocked by earning coins throughout the game. Babel Rising packs 15 levels through which to crush the hopes of the human AI, and some pretty luscious 3-D graphics.

Who’s it for? Players who enjoy god games will get a kick out of this one.

What’s it like? The original Babel Rising, with its 2-D graphics, is also worth a look, as is Open Sea.

Angry Birds Star Wars update ($0.99)

What’s it about? Angry Birds combines with Star Wars to add new birds with new capabilities to this version of the bird-flinging arcade super-hit.

What’s cool? When Angry Birds Star Wars was first released, it covered the first film in the original trilogy, A New Hope. The newest update brings in a whole new set of levels themed after the big icy Battle of Hoth from the early portion of The Empire Strikes Back, and that means a whole mess of new challenges. The update is free if you’ve already purchased the game, and the snowy terrain of Hoth adds a few new mechanics, like collapsible snow that can destabilize whole structures. There’s also a new bird, the pink Princess Leia, which has a tractor beam power that can take out building supports.

Who’s it for? Fans of Angry Birds and Star Wars will definitely have a lot of fun here.

What’s it like? Give Siege Hero a try for an alternate take on the Angry Birds formula, and Angry Bird Space for more sci-fi themed bird-flinging.

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