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Pixlr Express leads Android Apps of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

Android photographers of the world, rejoice! A new professional-grade photo editor entered the fold; Pixlr Express boasts a crazy number of features and tools. When you're done editing your photos, we've got new ways to send them to people, plus new ways to avoid getting lost in a dead zone, new ways to track big savings, and new ways to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. Despite all that new, there's a lot of old fashioned to be found in this week's list.

Pixlr Express (Free)

Photography editing apps may not exactly be an endangered species, but that doesn't mean we can't sit up and pay attention when a new one comes along. Especially when that new editor comes from a company as titanic and gargantuan as Autodesk. Pixlr Express struts its stuff with some very impressive assets to show off, including filters, auto-fixes, lighting and coloring adjustments, overlays, and many more. Hundreds more in fact, as the app claims to offer 600 different effects. If you're one of those Android photographers who loves professional-grade editing software, this may be your new mistress.

PostalPix (Free)

When you're done editing your photographic masterpieces with Pixlr Express, you can use this app to have prints of them mailed directly to your door. I know, right? It sounds so quaint. It's kind of poetic that in the age of digital and Internet bytes that a brand spanking new app would offer such an old fashioned service. Once you pick the size of your photos and fill out an order, you simply pay and enter a shipping address, making this a great way to send photos as gifts. In the short term, it is quite a bit cheaper than buying a professional photo printer.

ForeverMap 2 - Offline Maps ($0.99)

Speaking of quaint, old fashioned ideas in a world bustling with technology...When's the last time you read a map to get somewhere? People always say they'd be lost in this world without their smartphones. Particularly if they're in the middle of nowhere with no signal or Internet connection to use Google Maps! Well now you can download and archive dozens of maps, and you won't feel nearly as lost. Like many map apps, you can plan routes and input coordinates, searching the local area for attractions when you DO have wifi, and add those places to your favorites.

LinkedIn update (Free)

Finally LinkedIn, the go-to website for professional networking, gives us all the option to edit our profiles and settings on the go from within the mobile app. If I ever actually remembered to update my LinkedIn profile, I'm sure I would love this new feature! But when it comes to keeping your profile up to date, especially while you're walking the grounds of a conference or convention, where a lot of business cards are being handed out, this new feature offers a lot of convenience! The update also brought push notifications among other general improvements to the table.

Woot Check - Daily Deals (Free) has built a legion of users through their really impressive daily deals, with plenty of sibling sites rising up in the process. Now, with this mobile app dedicated to Woot, you can monitor all of those sites and the many deals with ease through a solid interface. You can also more easily rub your savings in a friend or family members face through social networking capabilities. Or you could just share those deals with them instead. Either or. Definitely keep an eye out for a "Woot Off," which is a 24 hour blitzkrieg period of deal bombardments that shouldn't be missed.

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