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New Android apps worth downloading: Skype and GTA Radio updates, Avengers Initiative

by Phil Hornshaw

Skype received an update that makes it better for tablet users and stomps out a few bugs, and GTA Radio added more content from the beloved Grand Theft Auto video game series to bring you some hilarious radio shows and great music. Finally, Avengers Initiative will give you some stuff for The Hulk to smash.

Skype update (Free)

What’s it about? Internet phone service Skype lets users make voice and video calls across an Internet connection (mostly) for free.

What’s cool? The newly updated Skype revamped its interface specifically designed to make it easier to use on tablets. It also received a number of other improvements to increase audio quality, allow the merging of Microsoft and Skype accounts, and clean up various bugs. Beyond the update, Skype allows users to make calls to any other computer or Skype device for free, and you can use it to call phones, both domestically and internationally, for a relatively small fee.

Who’s it for? If you’re already a Skype user, you’ll want the Android app. If not, you might try it for a cheaper alternative to making standard calls.

What’s it like? Give Viber a shot for a voice-over-Internet alternative, and try IM+ for instant messaging capabilities.

GTA Radio update (Free)

What’s it about? GTA Radio brings music and audio from the radio stations found in the Grand Theft Auto video game series to your Android device, allowing you to listen to all the hilarious talk radio and licensed music from the games anytime.

What’s cool? Grand Theft Auto fans are likely aware that the radio stations available to players in stolen cars in the game are some of the series’ best features. Developer Rockstar Games puts a ton of time into recording satirical and hilarious loops of radio shows and DJ commentary. Couple it with a series of great licensed soundtracks, and you have a very fun and funny set of things to listen to, aggregated in the GTA Radio app. The latest update to the app adds even more content, pushing some more stuff from Grand Theft Auto IV and making improvements to decrease buffer times.

Who’s it for? Grand Theft Auto fans, certainly, but anybody will find goofy stuff to love in GTA Radio’s content.

What’s it like? For more Internet radio, try Pandora and Spotify. They probably won’t be as funny, though.

Avengers Initiative ($4.99)

What’s it about? With great graphics and lots of action, Avengers Initiative puts players in the role of The Incredible Hulk in a series of battles against the Avengers’ enemies.

What’s cool? Taking a page from the iOS Infinity Blade series, Avengers Initiative is all about dueling huge bad guys with the Hulk’s enormous strength. You’ll take on enemies in one-on-one fights, in which you’ll need to block and dodge to get the upper hand before pummeling them with Hulk’s fists. The game carries awesome, console-quality graphics, and you’re able to customize Hulk and improve his abilities as you play through the game. Marvel also says the game will have episodic content updates coming in the future!

Who’s it for? Fans of The Avengers and The Hulk should check out Avengers Initiative, but the game’s strong action roots will appeal to most players as well.

What’s it like? Try Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty for another Avengers fix, and Dark Meadow for a game with similar mechanics.

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