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New Android apps worth downloading: Speaktoit Assistant update, ForeverMap 2, Hyperwave

by Phil Hornshaw

Fire up today’s leading new app, an updated Speaktoit Assistant, to get the most out of using voice commands with your Android device. In addition, ForeverMap 2, an app designed to make traveling easy whether you’re offline or online, and Hyperwave, a 2.5-D arcade shooter with a flashy neon art style.

Speaktoit Assistant update (Free)

What’s it about? Another voice-activated command app, Speaktoit Assistant can launch apps, search the Internet and answer questions, all with commands spoken in natural language.

What’s cool? Speaktoit Assistant has undergone a huge overhaul, bringing a big redesign to the user interface and a number of improvements to the app. It also now features social connectivity that lets you share Assistant’s answers to questions with your friends. At its core, the app remains all about finding information, and mirrors similar technology like Apple’s Siri, giving you the ability to find a lot of different things, ranging from weather reports to maps and more. Just keep in mind that Speaktoit Assistant is still a beta release and is undergoing further improvements.

Who’s it for? If you like voice command technology, you should definitely try out Speaktoit Assistant.

What’s it like? Check out other virtual assistant apps in Skyvi and EVA.

ForeverMap 2 – Offline Maps ($0.99)

What’s it about? Maps app ForeverMap 2 lets you access online, GPS-style maps as you would get from other mapping applications, but lets you download maps for later offline use.

What’s cool? First off, ForeverMap 2 packs a lot of highly detailed and useful maps for a number of different states, countries and locations. If you’re looking for an alternative map app, this is a solid one. Even better is that ForeverMap 2 can provide a ton of maps for offline use, too, allowing you to navigate new states, countries, or wherever. You’ll get your first offline map set for free, and additional maps can be purchased.

Who’s it for? Travelers who could use both online and offline map alternatives.

What’s it like? Google’s Maps is a well-loved favorite, and Maps (-) lets you cache maps for offline viewing.

Hyperwave (Free)

What’s it about? Arcade shooter Hyperwave puts players up against waves of alien invaders, with tons of enemies to dodge and destroy.

What’s cool? Hyperwave uses a 2.5-D viewpoint, which means it looks 3-D, but players actually play on a 2-D plane. That perspective is something of a novelty, as is the game’s heavy neon, laser-inspired art style. Beyond the looks, Hyperwave effectively keeps players in the action all the time, forcing them to dodge incoming enemies while trying to defend the bottom of the screen, not unlike Space Invaders. You also find power-ups that make your ship more powerful along the way.

Who’s it for? If you like arcade shooters and titles such as Space Invaders, Hyperwave is definitely worth a try.

What’s it like? Developer Catfish Games also has a title called Hyperlight, which is similar but offers a different experience.

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