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New Android apps worth downloading: Amazon Mobile (Tablet), utter! Voice Commands, orgarhythmTHD

by Phil Hornshaw

Today is Cyber Monday and if you’re looking for some quality deals try Amazon Mobile, which has a new version specifically for tablets. In addition, voice command app Utter! released a beta version, and orgarhythm is a game that mixes the strategy and rhythm.

Amazon Mobile (Tablet) (Free)

What’s it about? Amazon’s mobile app now comes in a tablet version, which makes shopping the massive online retailer a lot easier.

What’s cool? All the cool features of Amazon’s mobile app are now available to tablet users. Amazon’s app lets you access the retailer’s entire catalog, and includes features like the one-click option for simplified purchasing. You also can view your Amazon order history and other account details.

Who’s it for? Anyone who uses Amazon for shopping (and also has an Android tablet) has something to gain from Amazon’s mobile app.

What’s it like? Check out a few of Amazon’s other useful apps: Amazon MP3 provides access to Amazon’s cloud drive service and Price Check allows you to compare prices when you’re at other stores.

utter! Voice Commands BETA (Free)

What’s it about? utter! Voice Commands is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, allowing you to control your entire device with voice commands.

What’s cool? utter! differentiates itself from other voice command apps by using very few resources and running in the background on your device. It’s worth noting that utter! is a beta release, which means it’s likely to have bugs and that the developers are looking for feedback as they test it before its official release.

Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of using voice commands on your Android devices, you’ll want to give utter! a shot.

What’s it like? Both Skyvi and iris. offer similar voice command capabilities for Android users.

orgarhythmTHD (Free)

What’s it about? Mixing gameplay elements from strategy and rhythm genres, orgarhythmTHD has players moving troops around a battlefield while also keeping in step with music.

What’s cool? orgarhythmTHD’s mixture of the two genres is a pretty interesting take on strategy. The game is arranged similarly to rock-paper-scissors. You’ll need to assign the right troops to fight off other troops, which the colors and roles of each team determining whether or not they’re victorious in battle. Keeping your orders in time with the music makes troops more powerful, but missing the beat weakens them.

Who’s it for? Fans of strategy titles, as well as rhythm games, will find something cool and unique in orgarhythmTHD.

What’s it like? For more quality rhythm game action, try Tap Tap Revenge 4. On the strategy side, give Modern Conflict a go.

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