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New Android apps worth downloading: Woot Check, Apollo, SHADOWGUN: DEADZONE

by Phil Hornshaw

Great deals will pop up on the Internet in the coming days, so you might want to use Woot Check to stay up on a few of them. Also, consider sleek music player Apollo for jamming out to your favorite tunes. Finally, SHADOWGUN: DeadZone lets you take on other players in third-person shooting game combat.

Woot Check – Daily Deals (Free)

What’s it about? Keep up-to-date with daily deals site with this handy app. Woot Check showcases the deals from all of Woot’s sites, as well as buy anything you see there.

What’s cool? has some pretty impressive deals every day, and since the site gained popularity, it also added lots of specific sister sites. Woot Check lets you monitor all the sites, including kids.woot and wine.woot, for anything you might like, but the app is especially useful during a “Woot Off,” in which the site sells as many deals as it can in a 24 hour period. The app also now includes a number of social capabilities, so you can share deals with others, and Woot Check will also send you notifications about the day’s offers.

Who’s it for? fans should definitely give Woot Check a look, but with Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching, frugal shoppers will find some use in the app.

What’s it like? Check out Deal Drop for a similar daily deal app, and get more limited-time offers from Groupon.

Apollo (Free)

What’s it about? Music player Apollo carries a slick interface and a lot of features to give you more control over the tracks you play through your Android devices.

What’s cool? Apollo’s many interesting features set it apart from other music players, like pinning albums and artists to your device’s home screen, text and voice search through your music, and social features that let you share what you’re listening to on Facebook and Twitter.

Who’s it for? For those who listen to music on their Android device, as it might replace your current music-listening app.

What’s it like? For some other music player alternatives, give Google Play Music and Amazon MP3 a try, especially if you use either company’s cloud music services.

SHADOWGUN: DeadZone (Free)

What’s it about? Now that it’s released from beta, SHADOWGUN: DeadZone lets players battle one another in intense third-person shooter gameplay.

What’s cool? Battles include up to 12 combatants, and like the single-player SHADOWGUN, it covering and tactics are keys to winning. You use a host of weapons as you move from position to position and work to take down enemies. DeadZone includes two game modes for players to enjoy. The game was previously available as a beta release, but now that it’s officially out in the Google Play store, it also includes voice chat support.

Who’s it for? Third-person shooter fans. If you enjoy titles like Gears of War on the Xbox 360, you’ll like this.

What’s it like? Try the original SHADOWGUN for a single-player experience, and give Gun Bros. a go for additional multiplayer mayhem.

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