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New Android apps worth downloading: Paper Monsters, LinkedIn update, Deal Drop

by Phil Hornshaw

Professional social network app LinkedIn’s update makes editing user profiles easier, so it kicks off this week’s apps worth downloading. Following it is Deal Drop, a daily deal app that helps customers find savings for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and Paper Monsters, a fun platformer with a great art style.

Paper Monsters ($0.99)

What’s it about? A side-scrolling platformer, Paper Monsters has a papercraft look, taking players through a fantastical world filled with, as you might guess, paper monsters.

What’s cool? Although its graphics are beautiful and has a quality soundtrack, as well as touch on a whimsical tone throughout, Paper Monsters really excels at being a quality platformer. It’s just fun to play, packing lots of content, hidden secrets, and levels that mix up the formula by adding swimming and flying through power-ups.

Who’s it for? If you like platformers, you’ll like this. The fantastical papercraft art style doesn’t hurt, either.

What’s it like? Wind-up Knight has a similar art style and feel, and for a tougher, somewhat bloodier platforming, try League of Evil.

LinkedIn update (Free)

What’s it about? The app of the social network for professionals, LinkedIn lets users access their profiles, interact with people they’re following and former co-workers, and make recommendations about other users’ skills to help employers find them, and vice versa.

What’s cool? LinkedIn’s new update gives users a few new capabilities for interacting with others. For one, you can now update and alter your profile on the fly through the app, which lets you get the most accurate information available at a faster rate. The app also adds push notifications, some general improvements, and it carries all the social networking capabilities you’d expect, like searching for other users, connecting with them, and seeing their updates and messages.

Who’s it for? Users of LinkedIn should probably check out the app as well, because if you use the social network, this is a great way to stay connected at all times.

What’s it like? Another social networking app that’s great for networking is Sonar: Friends Nearby, which helps you find people you know on the Internet when together in a real-life location, like a convention. You can also use Bump to exchange contact information when meeting new people.

Deal Drop – Track Daily Deals (Free)

What’s it about? The end of this week has some of the busiest shopping days of the year, but Deal Drop can prepare you for Cyber Monday and Black Friday madness by showing you daily deals from all over the Internet.

What’s cool? Deal Drop aggregates tons of national and local deals from a bunch of different stores, and updates frequently with new deals from all over. That’s good, because as the extremely popular online shopping day Cyber Monday approaches, more and more deals will become available to savvy Internet shoppers. Deal Drop focuses specifically on daily deals for a number of sites, but it finds lots of great things on sale and should be useful in planning your shopping after Thanksgiving.

Who’s it for? If you’re planning to take to the Internet for Cyber Monday and actual shops on Black Friday, consider the companionship of Deal Drop.

What’s it like? LivingSocial and Groupon are also similar in their focus on short-term deals, and you’ll find more Cyber Monday information with TGI Cyber Monday.

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