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New Android apps worth downloading: ConnectMyRide, HookHunt, Arcane Legends

by Phil Hornshaw

Today’s new apps include ConnectMyRide, a GPS app that helps you get the most gas mileage out of your car, and HookHunt, a hunting and fishing app that makes it easy to log your favorite spots and find more to explore. In games, a beta release of Arcane Legends gives players a taste of the latest massively multiplayer offering from Spacetime Studios.

ConnectMyRide beta (Free)

What’s it about? Using your Android device’s GPS capabilities, ConnectMyRide helps monitor information about your driving, like fuel usage and speed, to keep your driving costs down.

What’s cool? Using your Android devices to make driving both more affordable and more environmentally friendly is a cool idea in and of itself. ConnectMyRide offers a lot of useful features toward those ends. For one, you can track multiple cars with the same app, as well as use it both offline and online. The app provides you with driving tips to increase your car’s mile-per-gallon ratio, and lets you compare your driving and gas usage to other app users.

Who’s it for? Anyone who would like to save money on gas or is concerned about things such as carbon emissions. Just be warned that it uses your GPS, which is a known battery-drain for smartphones.

What’s it like? You can get similar fuel tracking from FuelLog, and keep an eye on your speed habits with SpeedView Pro.

HookHunt (Free)

What’s it about? Hunting and fishing app HookHunt helps navigates the best places to hunt and fish by providing maps, GPS capabilities, weather information and trails, among other features.

What’s cool? Heading out to hunt or fish can be tricky, because the whole point is to move away from civilization. HookHunt can give you a bit of an edge by making navigation in the wilderness a little easier, giving you a heads-up on different spots that might be good for finding game, and lets you track your successes based on weather, location and lunar cycles. The app keeps you up to date on regulations and licensing, lets you mark where you’ve been and what your favorite spots are, and even instantly communicate with other members of your party when you’re out in a group.

Who’s it for? Hunters, fishermen and outdoorsmen will find a lot of useful stuff in HookHunt.

What’s it like? Try Hunting Calendar for some tips on your best hunting times, and Solunar to get in sync with lunar cycles.

Arcane Legends (Free)

What’s it about? The latest massively multiplayer online game from the creators of Pocket Legends and Star Legends, Arcane Legends is more of a cooperative role-playing game, and includes Pokemon-style pets.

What’s cool? Arcane Legends combines the MMO gameplay Spacetime Studios is known for with the addition of pets. That means you can raise and train animals to assist you when you go into battle, giving you the option to fight with your own weapons and magic, as well as send your pets in for additional backup. Add in the ability to play in either cooperative or player-vs-player modes with others, and you’ve got a pretty robust, free-to-play mobile MMO experience.

Who’s it for? If you like Spacetime’s other offerings, you should check this one out. Players of mobile MMOs will undoubtedly have a good time as well.

What’s it like? Check out Spacetime’s various other MMO offerings: Star Legends, Pocket Legends and Dark Legends, all of which have different features and themes.

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