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New Android apps worth downloading: Google Play Music and Pinterest updates, Predators™

by Phil Hornshaw

An update to Google Play Music kicks off today’s apps worth downloading. Next is an update to Pinterest that adds new functionality and privacy. Finally, there’s action game Predators, based on the sci-fi film franchise.

Google Play Music update (Free)

What’s it about? Google’s Play Music store app lets you shop for and purchase tracks, and also gives you access to your Google cloud account, so you can stream those tracks over your Internet connection.

What’s cool? The updated Google Play Music adds capabilities to the music player side of the app. You can still access your cloud drive, but now Google Play Music makes additional playlists available like the “Recently Purchased,” “Thumbs Up” and “Free” lists. The app also automatically generates instant mixes for you and includes gapless playback.

Who’s it for? If you use Google Play to buy music and for cloud storage, definitely go with this app.

What’s it like? Amazon also offers a cloud player for its service through Amazon MP3, and you can always get streaming music for free with Pandora Internet Radio and Spotify.

Pinterest update (Free)

What’s it about? For the uninitiated, Pinterest lets you “pin” photos to share with friends and followers. You can do the same with its Android app, too, especially now that a new update has added new features.

What’s cool? The recent update gives you greater control over your Pinterest account. Now you can edit boards remotely to add text or remove images, and can also create “secret boards” that are not publicly visible.

Who’s it for? Pinterest users will obviously want to get in on the app update, but if you’re looking for a new social media obsession, this might be for you.

What’s it like? Look to apps such as Instagram for image-sharing and Twitter and Tumblr for the same brand of fast idea-sharing capabilities.

Predators ($2.99)

What’s it about? Based on the 2010 film of the same name, Predators puts players in the role of the aliens as they use various technologically-advance weapons to stalk and kill humans.

What’s cool? Predators is basically a hybrid shooter/brawler action game with slick graphics. You stalk around jungles, fighting off both strange beasts and packs of humans. You use elements like stealth and a host of weapons to be successful as you hunt. It’s a bit on the violent side, so keep that in mind, but fans will enjoy using the Predator’s various toys to take on bad guys, and you can unlock more gear as you go through the game.

Who’s it for? Action game and film fans should check out Predators.

What’s it like? For more solid movie games, give a look to Avengers Initiative and Wreck-It Ralph, for a more kid-friendly game.

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