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New Android apps worth downloading: Pulse News update, If I Ran The Circus - Dr. Seuss, Anger of Stick 2

by Phil Hornshaw

Today an update to news reader and aggregator Pulse News kicks things off, followed by a new Dr. Seuss book that helps teach kids to read and Anger of Stick 2, a stick-figure brawler that lets you play in multiple game modes.

Pulse News update (Free)

What’s it about? Pulse News presents feeds from lots of different sites, bringing you a slick visual representation of articles.

What’s cool? Pulse was updated to clean up bugs and make the app more stable. Those improvements, including a new tutorial, make the app easier to use, but the core functionality in general is simple and elegant. Pulse lets you see the latest articles from tons of sources, including those you input. You can browse the latest, read articles, and share them through social networks with just a few taps, and the app also supports feeds from sites like Facebook.

Who’s it for? If you like reading articles on the Internet, give Pulse News a look. It streamlines reading Internet articles by removing the clutter and keeping you up to date.

What’s it like? For a simpler, less stylish version of a similar experience, try Google Reader. The very popular Flipboard also offers a unique visual take on news aggregation.

If I Ran The Circus – Dr. Seuss ($3.99)

What’s it about? Oceanhouse’s latest digital version of a popular Dr. Seuss book is If I Ran the Circus, and like its other apps, this one’s features make learning to read very entertaining.

What’s cool? Kids can absorb If I Ran The Circus through the Read to Me option, allowing them to read along at the same time, or just lets kids read with occasional help. You can highlight words in the book by tapping them to hear them read aloud, and the app also includes word association for its pictures that can help visual learners.

Who’s it for? This one’s for kids, specifically those who are learning to read or even younger. The app is great for reading to your kids, or allowing them to get the benefit of books by themselves while they’re learning to read on their own.

What’s it like? Try Oceanhouse’s other Dr. Seuss books, such as If I Ran the Zoo and One Fish Two Fish.

Anger of Stick 2 (Free)

What’s it about? Brawler Anger of Stick 2 is really more like three games in one. One is a vertical scroller, one an endless runner, and one a survival mode title. All of them have you beating down or shooting tons of other stick figure characters.

What’s cool? Anger of Stick 2’s multiple modes give it a little variety. Primarily, you’re going to be pounding on bad-guy stick figures, either with hand-to-hand combat or by grabbing and utilizing various weapons. One mode has you doing it in a side-scrolling runner format to see how far you can get. Another has you going vertical to see how high you can climb. The third has you killing as many enemies as possible before they finally take you down.

Who’s it for? Arcade fans of cartoon violence and the beat-‘em-up genre should find a good time here.

What’s it like? Try Street Fight for a side-scrolling brawler not unlike Anger of Stick 2, and Guerrilla Bob for some top-down arcade action.

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