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Photo Warp+ leads Android Apps of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

Photography drives this week with apps for snapping, editing, and storing various photos. The top app of the week is Photo Warp+, which lets you have silly fun with your photo gallery. We've also got a way to store photos in the cloud, and a cool camera that automatically 'Manga-fies' any photo you take, plus a neat music visualizer and a project management app.

Photo Warp+ (Free)

The developers over at Tonuzaba Entertainment have always delighted in bringing us fun ways to play with our pictures. The latest edition of Photo Warp does just that, with more functions and features than the original. Now you can warp people's faces in ridiculous ways, as well as animate your warps! Plenty of strange editing tools were added to your arsenal, along with general improvements such as a better interface. It's great fun to warp photos of your friends and family and share the hilarious results online with friends.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos (Free)

While you're busy creating warped photos of your friends and family, you can use Amazon Cloud Drive Photos to ensure that you'll never ever lose those photos. With up to 5 GB of storage, you can upload, save, and share a boat load of stuff. Now, the app is a bit finicky to start off. I'm sure we'll see plenty of fixes and tweaks in the future, but it's a bit slow and doesn't support a lot of basic features in terms of organizing and moving your photos around. Still, if you use the Amazons Cloud Drive, this is a great way to save things on the go.

Audio Glow Music Visualizer (Free)

Here we have a very simple and common application, being a music visualizer, but done with a bit of style and class. It allows you to visualize the sound coming from any other app on your device, not just music and music-based apps. As you listen to your favorite artists, you can enjoy a vibrant and colorful equalizer effect along with a shiny glistening particle effect. You can even tweak and save your settings as themes. Audio Glow is a simple app, but it's well done and works with a wide variety of music based apps.

Manga Fu Camera (Free)

Here's something for all of my fellow nerds out there. It's a new camera from Soda Inc. with built in filters that make any picture you take look like a freshly printed page from a Manga comic book. Unfortunately, you can't pull pre-existing photos from your gallery and make them into Manga works, but it is still loads of fun to turn any boring scenery into an exciting comic book scene. It can be hard to understand the poorly translated instructions and descriptions, but don't let that stop you from playing around with this one!

Wrike - Project Management (Free)

We move on from all the random fun apps to something far more practical and useful. Wrike, the project management service, released this mobile app to use with their normal services. The app is free, but you will need to be a Wrike user to actually use it. It's a great way to keep track of project progress on the go, with an updated activity stream, and the ability to comment and discuss your project with co-workers, among many other functions. This app makes it easy to keep track of the most important tasks in your lists, and is all around very useful.

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