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New Android apps worth downloading: Goalmaster | Goal tracker, Audio Glow Music Visualizer, Contract Killer 2

by Phil Hornshaw

Use today’s apps worth downloading to set some goals and track your progress with Goalmaster, and watch your music on the screen of your Android device with Audio Glow Music Visualizer. Finally, get your fill of stealth kills and sniper action with Contract Killer 2.

Goalmaster | Goal tracker (Free)

What’s it about? Set goals and reminders with Goalmaster, which tries to keep you on task and lets you share successes with others.

What’s cool? The idea here is pretty simple, as is the user interface for Goalmaster: You set goals for yourself, then put in reminders, and try to accomplish them. If your goal is to exercise every day, for example, that’s what you might throw into the app. When you accomplish the goal, you can tick it off your list. The app keeps track of what you’ve accomplished and lets you share those accomplishments with others through Facebook.

Who’s it for? Anybody trying to form a new habit or accomplish something should find some use from Goalmaster, and its simplicity makes is a boon as well.

What’s it like? You can get a similar experience from GoalTracker and Success Log, both of which help you track and accomplish goals.

Audio Glow Music Visualizer (Free)

What’s it about? Use Audio Glow Music Visualizer, as you might guess, to visualize music. The app catches sound either from the environment or from tracks you play through your Android device and turns it into colorful, ever-changing visuals on your screen.

What’s cool? The app is fun to use to bring sound onto your screen, and it dynamically adds the names of tracks and artists to the feed as it plays. You’re also able to tweak the visualization pretty extensively, changing the colors and elements that show up on screen. You can save the settings to use again later, and the app can sync up with your favorite audio players.

Who’s it for? For fans of novelty music visualization and people who use their Android devices to play music at parties, Audio Glow will give you something fun to look at.

What’s it like? You can get more visual versions of music from projectM Music Visualizer and Music Visualizer.

Contract Killer 2 (Free)

What’s it about? A cover-based shooter, Contract Killer 2 has players working to sneak into areas, eliminate guards and bad guys with a mixture of stealth, melee and all-out gunplay.

What’s cool? For one, Contract Killer 2 packs slick graphics that will make it look great on most Android devices. For another, the gameplay is taut and fast, so if you like both stealth games and shooters, you should have a good time moving from position to position and blasting bad guys with a sniper rifle.

Who’s it for? Shooter fans should have a great time with Contract Killer 2. The graphics and gameplay make it feel like a console release.

What’s it like? You might try the first Contract Killer title for more of the same, as well as SHADOWGUN for some great cover-based shooting action.

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