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New Android apps worth downloading: Photo Warp+, Wrike – Project Management, Army of Darkness Defense

by Phil Hornshaw

There’s a new version of the popular photo manipulation app Photo Warp, and it leads today’s haul of cool new apps worth your attention. Following it is Wrike – Project Management, an app for Wrike users, and Army of Darkness Defense, a game based on the cult classic horror comedy film.

Photo Warp+ (Free)

What’s it about? Photo-manipulation app Photo Warp+ is the sequel to the original Photo Warp, and packs lots of capabilities for messing with your photos to make them funny or weird.

What’s cool? You’ve seen photo-warping before, the capability that let’s you drag your finger around the screen of your Android device to make eyes huge or stretch out smiles. Photo Warp+ does those things well, but it also includes new capabilities, like a feature that lets you animate your warps. There are also finer tools and more zooming options that let you get in closer and manipulate your images more carefully – the point being that you can do more cool stuff (and undo more stuff) to get exactly the fun photos you want.

Who’s it for? Android photographers who want a little novelty should try Photo Warp+. If you liked the original, you’ll like this.

What’s it like? Photo Warp is similar, obviously, as is FatBooth, but the latter isn’t exactly flattering.

Wrike – Project Management (Free)

What’s it about? Users of Wrike web-based project management software now have an app that ties them into the system, allowing the use of Android devices to stay up on work flow and communicate with coworkers.

What’s cool? Wrike is limited to users of the web software, but if you’re into it, there are a lot of features here that help turn your Android devices into mobile work stations. You can monitor the status of projects in real time, comment on tasks and delegate them when need be, and organize tasks, set and change schedules and even create reminders. It’s a great way to keep up on what’s going on at work when you can’t be there.

Who’s it for? As mentioned, this is for Wrike users, but if you like that software, the app is a must-have.

What’s it like? Give Project Management by WAGmob a go for something similar, as well as Project Manager’s Toolkit.

Army of Darkness Defense (Free)

What’s it about? It’s a castle defense game based on the film Army of Darkness, in which you play chainsaw-handed boomstick-wielding main character Ashley "Ash" Williams.

What’s cool? That description wasn’t enough for you? We’re talking about cult-classic Army of Darkness turned into a game. As Ash, you command troops to run across the 2-D, side-scrolling castle landscape, engaging with waves of Deadites and using magic, special powers and your iconic weapons to fight evil. The game also includes a number of sound clips from the film, and you can earn upgrades to empower your strategic defenses as you take down more and more bad guys.

Who’s it for? If you love Army of Darkness, this is a no-brainer. If you like castle-defense titles, though, Army of Darkness Defense is a pretty good bet. It’ll give you plenty of monsters to kill.

What’s it like? Paladog is another medieval-esque game with some novelty, and Grave Defense HD is a monster-filled tower defense spin on the action.

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