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New Android apps worth downloading: Sworkit update, Echofon beta, Zombie Driver THD

by Phil Hornshaw

Try out a new Twitter client today with Echofon’s new beta! An update to fitness app Sworkit is worth your attention, while Zombie Driver THD will put you in the driver’s seat and let you mow down the undead, provided you have an NVIDIA Tegra-powered device.

Sworkit update (Free)

What’s it about? Simple and fast, Sworkit is a fitness app that provides you with short interval exercises at random, giving you a new workout every time you fire it up.

What’s cool? Sworkit just got a big redesign that makes it easier to use, and now includes video descriptions of the various exercises. It also tracks your daily totals and calories burned, which means it should be a much more effective fitness app. Beyond that, it’s great if you intend to work out at home and need to throw a workout together quickly, without a lot of time spent preparing.

Who’s it for? Those of us who don’t have a gym membership or  a lot of time to devote to working out will get a lot of use out of Sworkit. It’s great if you suddenly find yourself with time for a workout and need one immediately.

What’s it like? For some alternatives, try RunKeeper if running is your thing, and JEFIT for additional workouts.

Echofon beta (Free)

What’s it about? Twitter client Echofon is slowly inching toward release, and now there’s a new beta build that users can check out for free.

What’s cool? Even in this early release (it’s a beta, so suggest bugs), Echofon is a pretty slick-looking Twitter alternative. The beta adds a lot more features to the build, most of them the standard stuff you’d expect from a Twitter client. Despite being a bit buggy, Echofon is functional most of the time, which means you can try out the app and see if it might become your new way of interacting with the microblogging site.

Who’s it for? If you’re a Twitter user on the lookout for a new way to access the site and update to it with your Android device, trying the Echofon beta might be for you. You can grab the beta download here.

What’s it like? Echofon’s not quite ready for prime-time, but Tweetdeck and the standalone Twitter app are solid alternatives.

Zombie Driver THD ($6.99)

What’s it about? Sure, you’ve shot a lot of zombies, but have you run over them? Have you shot them and run them over? Because if not, Zombie Driver is standing by to let you do just that.

What’s cool? Top-down driving title Zombie Driver puts you on missions in which you need to take down the undead hordes, but lets you do so with a variety of vehicles, ranging from cars and buses to tanks. There’s a story campaign you can play through in which you complete missions against the zombies, and you can also take part in tournament gameplay in which you take down other cars, or try to survive as long as possible in special arenas.

Who’s it for? Zombie Driver requires a Tegra 3 Android device, so it’s not for everyone, but it boasts some console-quality graphics and gameplay. If that sounds fun to you, check it out.

What’s it like? Try Shadowgun THD for more great graphics on your Tegra devices, and Dead Trigger for more zombie-blasting mayhem.

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