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New Android apps worth downloading: Google Chrome and Pocket updates, Tower Raiders 3

by Phil Hornshaw

A pair of great apps has just received updates to make them compatible with the newest wave of Nexus devices. Google’s Chrome mobile browser and the read-it-later web article app Pocket have both been updated to support the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, and both are worth a look. We’ve also got a beta release of Tower Raiders 3, a slick-looking 3-D tower defense game.

Google Chrome update (Free)

What’s it about? The mobile version of Google’s Chrome browser brings the desktop experience to your Android devices, with the added capability of being able to sync with the browser on your computer.

What’s cool? Chrome’s latest update fixes a few bugs and stability issues for most users, but is primarily geared at getting the browser out there for Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 users. While not a massive change, Chrome remains one of the better mobile browsers, especially with its ability to let you sync between your desktop and your device to see pages you were viewing at home while on the go. With Nexus support, more devices get the cool Chrome experience.

Who’s it for? Anyone who enjoys the desktop version of Chrome should give the mobile version a try, especially if it’s your go-to browser. The mobile version is just as slick.

What’s it like? Dolphin Browser is similarly decked out, as is Mozilla’s Firefox.

Pocket update (Free)

What’s it about? Pocket lets you save videos and web page articles you access in your browser to be read later on your mobile device, stripping out ads and other stuff to make a clean, easy-to-read document.

What’s cool? Just like Google Chrome above, Pocket has been overhauled to work better on Android devices, fixing bugs and adding stability. The app is also now compatible with Nexus devices, and there have been a few new changes made, like the ability to alter the tags you put on articles you want to share with others. On the whole, the app should be better and work faster.

Who’s it for? If you read a lot of articles on your web browser – or would, if you had the time while working every day – Pocket is for you. It’s a great way to find time to read all the things you wish you had time for during the day.

What’s it like? Other read-later apps include Instapaper, and you can access and read RSS feeds with Google Reader.

Tower Raiders 3 Beta (Free)

What’s it about? Tower defense title Tower Raiders 3 is in the testing stage, but the game looks to add more layers of strategy to the genre.

What’s cool? First up, Tower Raiders 3 looks great with its fully 3-D graphics. You’ll find your resources in the game by sending minions to collect them like in most real-time strategy games. There are multiple game modes on offer, but be aware that Tower Raiders 3 is a beta release – which means it’s being tested for bugs by players. That means not everything works correctly just yet.

Who’s it for? If you like tower defense, you should definitely try out Tower Raiders 3, and doubly so if you want to help the developers out and try the game for free a little early.

What’s it like? Try Jelly Defense for great graphics in tower defense, and Air Patriots for a slightly different, more mobile take on the genre.

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