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New Android apps worth downloading: Amazon Cloud Drive Photos, Air Patriots

by Phil Hornshaw

Amazon’s Cloud Drive service is now available for your Android device, allowing you to save and share your photos. Air Patriots changes the tower defense formula by adding the option to move your defensive units to respond to threats.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos (Free)

What’s it about? Amazon expanded its cloud drive service, making it available to users for music and e-books to include photos. That means you can save photos from your Android device to a cloud space and never worry about storing them on your device.

What’s cool? First up, you get 5 gigabytes of free storage space when you use Amazon Cloud Drive Photos. You can upload your shots in either one album or as individuals, and the app applies a cool UI for viewing your shots as well. When you create Cloud Drive albums, you can share them through Facebook and Twitter.

Who’s it for? With a full Android device hard drive or SD card, Amazon Cloud Drive can be a lifesaver, especially if you like to shoot a lot of photos. It’s even better if you use a lot of Amazon’s other services.

What’s it like? You can get similar functionality with cloud saves and photo uploads out of Dropbox, and you can use Amazon’s cloud drive features for music with Amazon MP3.

Air Patriots (Free)

What’s it about? Another app from Amazon, Air Patriots is a sort of mobile tower-defense title in which players draw the path of their planes across maps in order to attack targets.

What’s cool? Mixing tower defense with line-drawing games such as Flight Control, Air Patriots gives you the ability to move your defenses in order to respond to changing threats as the game progresses. What that means is that it mixes the strategy of the tower defense genre, in which you put down your towers in order to take down attacking forces, and mixes it up quite a bit. There are also a number of modes and more maps you can snag with in-app purchases.

Who’s it for? Tower defense fans should give Air Patriots a look, as it’ll give them a different take on the genre and allow them to try working on new strategies.

What’s it like? Flight Control is an obvious parallel, but for another different take on tower defense, try Anomaly: Warzone Earth.

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