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New Android apps worth downloading: Google Search update, Flip Launcher, Chrono Trigger

by Phil Hornshaw

Google Search's latest update gives the app new capabilities – including the ability to help you book hotels, flights and restaurant reservations. Flip Launcher comes next, making it easier to launch your favorite apps without going and searching for them. Finally, role-playing classic Chrono Trigger finally makes the leap through time from 1995 to your Android device.

Google Search update (Free)

Google SearchWhat’s it about? Google’s proprietary search app is all about finding what you want on the web as quickly and easily as possible, with the app supporting text and voice, amongst other new features.

What’s cool? Google Search’s update packs in a mess of new things, mostly focused around travel searching. You can now book hotels, flights and restaurant reservations using Google Search, and the app supports new voice functions for doing things like launching apps. There’s also additional Google Now support packed in, too.

Who’s it for? Just about anyone who finds their Android device as useful tools for getting information on the fly should get Google Search. The new updates to the app make it useful for travel, which means you’ll need fewer apps in general to accomplish things like booking a flight.

What’s it like? Similar search capabilities can be found in Microsoft’s Bing. For travel stuff, try Travelocity or Expedia.

Flip Launcher (Free)

Flip LauncherWhat’s it about? Make your Android device a little more convenient with Flip Launcher, which allows you to quickly launch a few certain apps without having to return to your Home screen.

What’s cool? Flip Launcher adds that little bit of convenience you didn’t know you were missing. You can assign four different apps or shortcuts to the app’s “flippers,” which are little spaces on the side of the screen that can then be used to quickly launch them.

Who’s it for? Smartphone and tablet junkies who want to save precious seconds in launching your apps. Flip Launcher isn’t essential, of course, but it does make getting to your most important apps a lot easier.

What’s it like? Some alternative launcher programs, with which you can adjust your Android device’s app-launching capabilities a bit, include LauncherPro and ADW.Launcher.

Chrono Trigger ($9.99)

Chrono TriggerWhat’s it about? Square Enix’s classic role-playing title from 1995 follows the course of several characters as they travel through time, trying to save the world. Menu-based gameplay not unlike the developer’s Final Fantasy series dominates, and Chrono Trigger is considered to be one of the best games of all time.

What’s cool? A phenomenal cast of characters, a great story and a redesigned classic menu-based battle system were the hallmarks of Chrono Trigger when it was first released. The game is considered a classic today, with a huge campaign and lots of weapons and armor to find, character skills to increase, and epochs to visit.

Who’s it for? If you like the Final Fantasy series, especially the earlier titles that appear on mobile platforms, you should give a look to Chrono Trigger. It’s rooted in the same 16-bit role-playing game conventions, but with some of the best story and characters to grace games.

What’s it like? Lots of Square Enix’s RPGs fall into a similar vein as Chrono Trigger. For starters, check out Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy III.

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