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New Android apps worth downloading: Marvin K. Mooney Please Go, Borderlands 2 Official Map App, Dead Trigger update

by Phil Hornshaw

Get your week kicked off with an app for kids that can help them learn to read in Marvin K. Mooeny Will You Please Go Now. Players of the video game Borderlands 2 will get a lot of use out of the Borderlands 2 Official Map app, and you can get into the Halloween spirit with the Halloween update to Dead Trigger.

Marvin K. Mooney Please Go Now ($2.99)

Marvin K. Mooney Please Go NowWhat’s it about? App developer Oceanhouse has turned a number of classic Dr. Seuss books into mobile apps, the latest being “Marvin K. Mooney.” The app includes Seuss’s original story, plus a number of features that allow kids to enjoy it even if they can’t read it themselves.

What’s cool? Oceanhouse’s apps are great for kids as they’re learning to read. The app will read Marvin K. Mooney aloud to its users, if they so choose – but it’ll also let you read along with it, or read it to yourself, which makes it handy for kids at a variety of ages and reading levels. You can also double-tap words to highlight them and hear them read aloud, and see words associated with images to make them easier to understand.

Who’s it for? Marvin K. Mooney is aimed at kids, obviously, but it’s great for kids trying to learn to read, regardless of their level. The app helps make learning to read easier, and the app is still good for smaller kids who just like to have books read aloud to them.

What’s it like? Oceanhouse offers several other storybook apps for a little variety, such as The Lorax and The Cat in the Hat.

Borderlands 2 Official Map App ($3.01)

What’s it about? One of the coolest video games to come out this year on consoles and PC is Borderlands 2, but the game is massive. The Official Map App makes in-game navigation a little easier, and helps players locate secrets along the way.

What’s cool? The world of Borderlands 2 is riddled with little things that players can easily miss if they’re not careful, but the Official Map App makes it a easier to locate all the cool stuff in the game. Hidden secrets, rare treasure and story items like ECHO recorders are your reward for nabbing the app.

Who’s it for? Borderlands 2 players who are looking for an additional edge in secret-finding. If you’re looking to get more out of the game, try this app.

What’s it like? For more Borderlands 2 help, try Borderlands 2 Guide. There are map apps for other games as well – one example is for the popular stealth assassin title Dishonored, dubbed the Dishonored Official Map App.

Dead Trigger update (Free)

Dead TriggerWhat’s it about? First-person zombie shooter Dead Trigger features some great-looking graphics and fast-paced action. It’s optimized specifically for Tegra 3 devices, too, so you can get the most out of your high-end devices when you play.

What’s cool? Shooting zombies is fun, but Dead Trigger has gotten an update for Halloween that makes it a little goofier than usual. It adds “pumpkin head” zombies to the mix, as well as a new weapon in the crossbow for players to utilize against them. There’s also a new area called the Haunted Graveyard that you can enjoy packed into this update.

Who’s it for? First-person shooter and zombie game fans are the audience for Dead Trigger, along with those who will get a kick out of a slightly goofy Halloween update. If you’ve got a high-end device with a Tegra 3 chip, you can put it through its paces with this game, too.

What’s it like? You can get a similar graphics-pushing experience from titles like Shadowgun. You’ll find lots of scary monsters to kill in Dead Space.

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