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New Android apps worth downloading: ComicBook!, Fontly, Infinite Monsters

by Phil Hornshaw

Create your own comics with your photos using today’s leading app. With ComicBook! you can stylize your photos, adding speech bubbles and more to make them look like your own personal comic books. We’ve also got Fontly, a photo-sharing app dedicated to typography, and Infinite Monsters, a side-scrolling shooter that’s all about blasting various beasties.

ComicBook! ($1.99)

ComicBook!What’s it about? Photography app ComicBook! allows you to use your own photos to create, as you might guess, comic books – or at least the look of their pages. You can import and stylize your images to give them the comic look, add other elements, and then export the product to share with others.

What’s cool? ComicBook! presents a cool and different way to look at and share your photos. You can add things like backgrounds and word balloons, and even make multi-panel pages with the app. There are nine different filters you can use to make your photos look more like drawings, plus a lot of other elements for you to incorporate.

Who’s it for? People who love mobile photography and comic books, but really, anyone looking for a fun way to edit and present their photos will probably enjoy ComicBook!.

What’s it like? Comic Strip It! Pro does a lot of the same things as ComicBook!, except instead of a book-like format, it goes for your Sunday newspaper comic strip look. PicSay Pro also allows for photo editing and adding in other comic-like elements.

Fontly (Free)

FontlyWhat’s it about? Snap photos and explore the world through typography. Fontly is all about finding different kinds of typography out in the world, through signs and other objects, and sharing those photos with the world by mapping them through location sharing.

What’s cool? Fontly is a fun social network with a twist: a focus on a love of fonts. You can view interesting images others have taken of different typography out in the world, and the app is based on not only taking those photos and sharing them, but adding their locations so they can be mapped using Google Maps. It’s a lot of (not entirely useful) information, but interesting.

Who’s it for? Font nerds, those of us fascinated by typography. As mentioned, you probably won’t find a lot of use for knowing that there’s a fun use of tower Helvetica letters at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, for example, but if you like fonts, the pictures are fun to look through and create.

What’s it like? This is a pretty specific photo sharing app, but there are the obvious broader ones too, like Instagram, Flickr and Facebook. You might also give Typography Live Wallpaper a look to feed your typography addiction.

Infinite Monsters (Free)

Infinite MonstersWhat’s it about? Shooting zombies, mostly, is your job in Infinite Monsters, and the game will throw exactly what the title suggests at you. Your job is to tromp through each side-scrolling level, mashing your thumbs to fire off many rounds to dispatch zombies, giant insects and other awful creatures.

What’s cool? Infinite Monsters keeps things simple – you just shoot and walk, mostly – so the game is good and casual. The farther you go, however, the tougher things get, and soon you’ll need special abilities like throwing down a force field to slow enemies’ approach. You’ll also earn money to purchase new weapons to give you more power, and fight bosses at the end of each level.

Who’s it for? Casual action fans are Infinite Monsters’ primary audience. If you’re looking to a little mindless monster-blasting that’ll let you kill a few minutes, this is for you.

What’s it like? Hack through more monsters in Colosseum, if that’s your thing. You can also kill a mess of zombies in Zombieville USA.

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